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Dec 20

Christmas Eve Service – An Opportunity to be on Mission

2012 | by Clint | Category: Christmas Store,Local,Mission Opportunity

In some ways, we should be like this year round.  But as a leadership, we’d really like to encourage everyone (Ron just did this morning at staff meeting), to make it a point next Monday evening to watch for new faces and seek to make them feel welcome.

Imagine coming into a church you’ve never been to, and as everyone sees you, maybe they smile, maybe they don’t, but they definitely just seem to talk with the folks they clearly know well and to care deeply about already.  This, though innocent, can be a very intimidating thing for a newcomer.  And Lord willing, we will have many newcomers on Monday night.  We had over 50 families come to the DSC Christmas store on Saturday, and some of them have already started visiting DSC.  We are praying that many more do this Monday night, especially since most of them came from Mission Elementary School which is in our neighborhood.

So, please be praying for the new folks that are coming and please be on the lookout for unfamiliar faces.  May God use us to engage folks that we don’t know for the sake of worship, community, and mission (and all for God’s glory).

Thanking God that He forsook the comfort of heaven and took on the discomfort of pain, suffering, and death on our behalf!