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Dec 28

Thanks from an Achi Pastor

2012 | by Clint | Category: Global,Rabinal Achi

Carol Barrera, our friend, sister, and missionary Bible translator working among the Achi sends us this note:

“Achi Pastor Pablo Moisés was visiting us this past week.  He made it a point to give thanks through us, to you for the pastoral training.  He said he belongs to a denomination that has its base in South America, but aside from receiving reports from him, there is no mutual relationship.  He said, ‘What my own denomination should be doing, your church is doing for us.’  Then he pulled out the little Humility booklet that was given out last May, as an example of your help.  I was impressed that he was still studying that booklet.”

Praise God with us that He is doing work in the lives of these Achi pastors through our annual conference.  And please be praying even now that God will use the next conference coming the last week in May.  We are working now with the Barreras to decide on a theme and topics.

We are also working with The Gospel Coalition International Outreach (TGCIO) to secure more books to help relieve what TGCIO calls the global theological famine.