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Dec 30

Achi Christian School Doors Closing Soon – Needs Our Help

Looking for a great way to invest in our Rabinal Achi Partnership with a year end gift? (or a year beginning gift?)

Look no further…

Students of Caso Colegio Bautista in San Miguel Chicaj, Baja Verapaz, Guatemala gather to greet a DSC Missions Team.

DSC member and our Rabinal Achi Partnership liaison Karen Gregory writes:

Dear Friends of the Achi,

I am sending this email to folks who might be interested in investing their prayers, treasure, and perhaps someday time in a particular project among the Achi of San Miguel Chicaj.  Some of you remember, and some have visited the little elementary school, “Caso Colegio Bautista,” that once shared space with Pastor Elias Xitumul’s Baptist Church.

An organization in Salama gave basic school equipment such as desks, chairs etc, to the school, but is now withdrawing its support and reclaiming all of the equipment and furnishings from the school, leaving about 100 students set to start classes in January with no school equipment or furnishings.

Rene and Esmeralda Canahui, the original visionaries for Christian education in San Miguel, have been funding the school and paying teachers with their own resources and through much personal sacrifice.  They are praying fervently and trusting the Lord to provide for the coming school year.

Following is a list of the equipment needed to start school mid-January, with the estimated cost in dollars.  Used desks and whiteboards are not available; all other equipment can be bought used.

Needed equipment:


  • 100 student desks @ $18 each = $1,800
  • 7 whiteboards @ $48 each = $336


  • 2 teacher’s desks @ $60 each = $120
  • 1 filing cabinet = $110
  • 1 book case = $60
  • 5 (old*) computers @ $270 each = $1,350

**If 50 families gave $80, we would exceed their needs to stay open**

There is much more that could be said of the importance of Christian education to raise a generation of Achi with a Christian worldview, and of the character and personal sacrifice of Rene and Esmeralda.  I would be glad to answer, or get answers for any questions that you might have.  But the bottom line is, in order to be able to receive the students for the new school year beginning mid-January, much prayer and some emergency donations are needed.

Please pray, and if you are able, join with us in this effort.  As a Christian educator for some 23 years, my heart is with the Barreras and the Canahuis, as well as Kathi Archer, in their estimation of the importance of making Christian education available in San Miguel.

Perhaps you would be interested in funding an item, or group of items, or just a flat donation.

To donate through DSC by check, please use a missions envelope available at the information center and designate it to “Achi Baptist School.”

To donate online click here. 

  • Put the amount you’d like to give in the “Guatemala Projects” box, then on the next page (after hitting “continue”) you will need to put “Achi Baptist School” in the “Name of Person Going/Mission Project” field.

I have been slow to send out this email, praying that the situation might somehow be reconciled, but time is now short (It is a perfect end-of-year tax opportunity:)

Yours in Christ,

Karen Gregory

If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to email us at