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Jan 24

A View Through Our Window – The Harpers Biannual Update

Chuck and Cindy Harper sent out their biannual Western Indian Ministries (WIM) newsletter in early January.

Here is a sneak peak:

In it you will find updates on the radio station, Hilltop School, Community Outreach, Native Youth minsitry, and some prayer requests.  You will also see ways to get involved with WIM.  You can also click here to view their full newsletter.

Jan 23

Ambassadors for Christ (Part 2) – “We’d Rather Live as Mini-kings.”

2013 | by Clint | Category: Local,Training

Paul Tripp continues with post two of three on what it means to be an Ambassador for Christ: (you can find the original post here)

In the first post we dissected the Apostle Paul’s word choice in 2 Corinthians 5:20. He refers to us as Christ’s ambassadors. An ambassador represents someone or something. Everything they do must be intentional. It’s not a part-time calling. It’s a lifestyle.

When we become ambassadors for Christ, our lives cease to be our own. We need to acknowledge that our lives belong to the King. But this is where we get ourselves into trouble. We don’t really want to live as ambassadors.

We’d rather live as mini-kings. We know what we like and the people we want to be with. We know the kind of house we’d like to own and the car we want to drive. Without even recognizing it, we quickly fall into a “my desire, my will, and my way lifestyle.”

If we’re honest, the central prayer of our hearts is “my kingdom come, my will be done.” This is why Christ said that to be his disciples, we must die to ourselves. No one can serve two masters. Ambassadors must die to their own kingship before they can properly represent the one true King.

Why does it seem that people, things, and situations are in our way? Why do we seldom go through a day without some experience of conflict? The answer is that we think of our lives as our own. We’re more committed to the purposes of our own kingdom than we are to God’s.  What about you this week? How are you doing as an ambassador for Christ?

Remember to register for CLARUS before the price goes up February 1st.

And DSC’s Ambassador Training is coming up too.  It starts February 3rd in the conference room at 10:45am (during the second service).  Sign up by emailing or just show up.

Jan 21

God’s Work Through a DSC Family in Cote D’Ivoire

2013 | by Clint | Category: Global,Prayer

Craig and Bryn Hauquitz, and their three children are DSC supported ministers serving in Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Africa with CRU.  Check out this update on CRU’s website highlighting some of the fruit from their ministry.

One of the men Craig has invested in (Olivier) gives the following testimony:

“Craig was encouraging me to go forward and spread the gospel, telling people about Jesus,” Olivier says. “I’m thankful to God for Craig and the encouragement he gives me to do ministry. He is always behind me. I feel stronger, like I can go forward and I have someone to be excited about ministry with.”  “I know something about God,” he says. “I have to share it.”

Praise God with us for the gospel fruit being produced in and through this ministry!