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Jan 8

Happy New Year from the Harpers!

DSC’s missionaries to Native American Peoples of Arizona and New Mexico, Chuck and Cindy Harper of Western Indian Ministries (WIM) write the following to their supporters at DSC:

I just returned from one of my many trips to Window Rock, and again am overwhelmed with a sense of awe – from the incredible potential of impacting Native America with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am also overwhelmed with gratitude – to be part of all that God is doing, and now -once again, being part of a ministry that was one of the first ministries with Navajo People.   We will be celebrating our 75th year of seeing Native Americans turn to Christ and know the joy of walking with Him.

As I drive through many Navajo communities each week, and live in the back yard of other Pueblo Tribes – I can’t help but think of all the amazing things God is doing.   A youth retreat is happening this weekend with over 100 young people.   We were part of several Navajo Church Christmas programs.   We recently hosted a training retreat for youth leaders.  Our Community Outreach department is making some new plans with the Navajo Government, and expanded outreach is underway with the New Mexico Pueblos- just to name a few.

This is truly going to be an exciting year!

We are making many plans to celebrate our 75th year!  (You are invited to attend a Bible Conference, July 24-28!)    The radio will be expanding!   Youth workers are learning how to make more disciple-makers!   Pastors are becoming better equipped!   Children are loved as they receive a quality Christian Education!   Police are being encouraged – and taught about the power of Jesus. Jail inmates are learning about the forgiveness of God.   Yes, the name of Jesus is being proclaimed in some of the darkest and most needy places in the USA!

As you know, we made a big change this year, and came back to Western Indian Ministries, a ministry founded by Chuck’s grandfather,   that is about serving the Native Church and making disciple makers in Arizona and New Mexico.   We also are continuing our ministry with Christ for Native Youth,   and Chuck works with the National Network of Youth Ministries as the National Native American Network Coordinator.

We are not paid or salaried by any of these organizations.   We raise all of the funds for our personal expenses, our travel expenses, ministry expenses, and special projects. And now we are the primary fundraisers for Western Indian Ministries. God has been very faithful for a long time, through you. We are very honored to have friends like you that have given so much, for so long.   THANK YOU!

All the best to you!

Chuck and Cindy Harper

Let’s thank God for His work through the Harpers and through WIM and pray for more disciple-makers to be made in 2013 for God’s glory!

By giving to DSC, you are giving to support the Harpers’ ministry at WIM.  But if you’d like to do more, here are some instructions on how to give directly to WIM.

  1. Click here to give online.  Then find the donate button by Chuck and Cindy Harper’s name and click it.
  2. Mail in your gift to:  Western Indian Ministries,   PO Box 9090,   Window Rock, AZ 86515.  Please include a post it note simply saying, “For the Harpers” or “For the WIM anniversary fund”, or whatever you want it to be used for.
  3. You can also call WIM at 505-371-5749 and ask for Steve in Accounting and let them know you would like to make a credit card donation to the ministry of the Harpers, CNY or WIM, and they would be glad to help you!