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Jan 10

Dr. Jacobo and Janette Pineda’s Update and an Opportunity to Support Them

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This just in from our partners in Community Health Evangelism (CHE) among the Rabinal Achi of Guatemala, Dr. Jaime Jacobo and his wife Janette.


Dr. Jacobo writes:

Dear Brothers from DSC,

Greetings from Guatemala.  We hope that this New Year will bring many more blessings to their homes and families. We are grateful to God for this new year and to have the blessing to have all of you as “friends” and that together we can continue sharing the Good News to the poor and afflicted … and at the end that is what counts, not just one more year of life, but a year to reverse this life to “serve others”, which is what really gives meaning to our existence.

Prayer Requests:

1.- On January 12 we will be having a meeting with leaders of the Strategic Alliance Group, that is the group that we work with in the Achi area, to work with them in our planning  2013 for this area and to pray together for these plans.

2.- We will also select a group of trainers to expand the CHE program in other areas.

3.- Pray for the committees and leaders with whom we are working to keep them motivated and turning in projects.  Thank you for your support and prayers for our Ministry.

Each year DSC plans a 1 week long mission trip to partner with Dr. Jacobo and his CHE ministry.  Including travel, lodging, food, medications, etc. we spend upwards of 25-30K on the trip.  For close to this same amount, our dear partners Dr. Jacobo and Janette could leave their medical practice in Guatemala City and fulfill their dream of ministering among the Rabinal Achi full time.  Each year we as leaders seek to increase their support as we are able, but if a dozen or so members chose to support them on a regular basis, they would be that much closer to being able to serve the Achi full time.

Here’s how you can give a one time gift or regularly:

Please make checks payable to VERBO. Note in the memo line Jacobo and Jannette Pineda in Guatemala.

Verbo Ministries P.O. Box 190  Kenner, La  70063, USA

You can also make a contribution online at  Click on “Donations” and chose either Option 1 (Automatic Bank Draft) or Option 2 (Debit or Credit Card).

Be sure to indicate that the contribution is for Jacobo & Jannette Pineda

PD: Manager Roger Cruz Office Tel: (504) 466-0095