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Feb 12

Countdown to Sunrise…. January 2014.

This past Sunday, our Sunrise North Africa Partnership (SNAP) team leader shared during the announcements a bit about the why, when, and how they intend to head to North Africa and begin making disciples and planting churches

On Sunday, February 24th, we will be kicking off more officially our “2013, Countdown to Sunrise.”  During these monthly announcement times, we will be exploring some of the motivations behind global church planting, what an unreached people group is, what it will mean to plant churches, and more.

As another part of this “Countdown” the lead family on the SNAP team will be visiting each Community Group and sharing more about their mission and vision. This will be a time for them to also share their hopes, fears, and plans to go and make disciples and plant churches.

As they begin to uproot their lives, we must dig into send them out.

Digging in means sending them out by praying, paying, and caring for them.  If you’d like to join their immediate care team that is currently forming, please email

If you aren’t yet supporting the DSC SNAP Church Planting initiative, please prayerfully consider setting up a regular online gift.  Be sure to designate it to “Church Planting.”

Global and local church planting is the primary way in which the elders at DSC seek to mobilize people and resources to reach our city and the world for Christ.  Please prayerfully consider how you can become a part of this through sacrificial, joyful giving, as well as committed prayer, and creative care for the team of missionaries being sent out soon.

Feb 9

Loving the Achi through Education – Noe

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Here is one way in which God is using DSC’s global missions funds to bless folks in Achi land.

DSC member and Rabinal Achi Partnership liaison Karen G. writes:

For the past year or so, DSC has begun a new initiative of ministry in San Miguel: helping to support Achi young people in education.  Although in the past, various people from Desert Springs Church have discovered an educational need and been able to give their support in the past, Education is now an official line-item in the Guatemala missions budget, and efforts are being made to pray though a ton of need in this area, and invest in the education of some Achi young people. In this article, you will be introduced to one of them.

Noe selling Achi New Testaments for our missionary partners Carol and Rodrigo Barrera.

15-year old Noe has been doing odd jobs around the Barrera household for over a year. A shy and sensitive young man, he dropped out of 7th grade last year because of teasing and bullying by classmates.  With a tuition scholarship from DSC, he began the year in another school on the other side of San Miguel that meets on Saturdays and has a program more suited to his needs.  Although Noe has struggled with academics in the past, he has committed because of this investment in him, to put forth his best efforts and stick it out when things seem difficult.  The Barreras, in turn, have promised to help him with his studies.

When Noe visits the Barerra home, he loves to read the Achi New Testament with Carol, her housekeeper Karen, and sometimes Kathi Archer.  Recently, he has been reading the new draft of Exodus with Carol, who is interested to see what words the younger generation of Achi speakers do and do not understand.

Noe lives outside of town, along the road to Salama, in a typical Achi family compound. When a few of the medical team visited his home last June, he showed us his gardens with quiet pride, where he experiments with planting and cultivating flowers, trees and vegetables with remarkable success.  Although Noe has struggled a lot over the last year with family problems, Carol says, “He is strong on caring about others, praying for missions and the problems of others, reading the Bible; he loves to sing for God.”

Let us praise our great God for loving us and Noe through His son Jesus!  And please pray for Noe as he seeks to honor and glorify God through his studies.

If you want to support these kinds of educational funds further, you can by giving online here to the Guatemala mission and noting “Education Scholarships” in the memo line.


Feb 6

God’s Work to Reach Muslims for Christ through Media

Arab World Media, a division of PIONEERS, and a ministry that DSC financially supports monthly has just released its quarterly report and end of the year numbers with some exciting news.  They ended the year with an astonishing 154% increase in site traffic, up from 1.1 million to 2.8 million.  They also saw a 23% increase in the number of communications received to nearly 7,000.   Through their Maarifa website in 2012, 85 individuals were put forward for face-to-face follow-up with a believer.

In the fourth quarter, Maarifa focused on three specific countries by producing content and advertising highly relevant to the area.  They saw a tripling of downloads of the New Testament in one particular dialect and praise God 2,245 Arabic Bibles were downloaded.  The Word is getting into the hands of Muslims all across the Middle East!    More exciting progress in the fourth quarter:

  • 51,342 Christian teaching books downloaded
  • 1,104 E-mails and calls to Maarifa
  • 37 New enrollments to study the Bible online
  • 46,204 Facebook friends
  • 20 individuals receiving follow-up from believers in their country

God is at work and using media to proclaim His name in hard to reach places.  Join us in praying for all of the seekers He is drawing to Himself and pray the Holy Spirit would convict them of the truth about Jesus and the Gospel.  Pray their eyes would be open and they would be set free from the bondage of sin!

Also, please continue to pray for our SNAP Families who continue to prepare themselves to uproot from Albuquerque and DSC in January 2014.

If you are not yet supporting them financially, please check out this page, read, pray, and considering joining us in sending them out in a manner worthy of the gospel.  If you are ready to set up giving online for church planting, you can go here to do that.  Be sure to put your donation in the “church planting” field.