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Feb 6

God’s Work to Reach Muslims for Christ through Media

Arab World Media, a division of PIONEERS, and a ministry that DSC financially supports monthly has just released its quarterly report and end of the year numbers with some exciting news.  They ended the year with an astonishing 154% increase in site traffic, up from 1.1 million to 2.8 million.  They also saw a 23% increase in the number of communications received to nearly 7,000.   Through their Maarifa website in 2012, 85 individuals were put forward for face-to-face follow-up with a believer.

In the fourth quarter, Maarifa focused on three specific countries by producing content and advertising highly relevant to the area.  They saw a tripling of downloads of the New Testament in one particular dialect and praise God 2,245 Arabic Bibles were downloaded.  The Word is getting into the hands of Muslims all across the Middle East!    More exciting progress in the fourth quarter:

  • 51,342 Christian teaching books downloaded
  • 1,104 E-mails and calls to Maarifa
  • 37 New enrollments to study the Bible online
  • 46,204 Facebook friends
  • 20 individuals receiving follow-up from believers in their country

God is at work and using media to proclaim His name in hard to reach places.  Join us in praying for all of the seekers He is drawing to Himself and pray the Holy Spirit would convict them of the truth about Jesus and the Gospel.  Pray their eyes would be open and they would be set free from the bondage of sin!

Also, please continue to pray for our SNAP Families who continue to prepare themselves to uproot from Albuquerque and DSC in January 2014.

If you are not yet supporting them financially, please check out this page, read, pray, and considering joining us in sending them out in a manner worthy of the gospel.  If you are ready to set up giving online for church planting, you can go here to do that.  Be sure to put your donation in the “church planting” field.