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Feb 18

Update From Erin in the Philippines

2013 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Prayer

The following report comes from DSC member Erin J. currently serving Mercy Midwives Birthing Home in the Philippines on a short term assignment:

Dear DSC family,

I thank God, so much for your prayers during my time in the Philippines. My time here thus far has been such a blessing to me and I pray that I am a blessing to those that I minister to and with while I’m here. God was gracious and allowed us to have a quiet spell during the first two weeks that I’ve been here so I could ease in to the schedule of being on-call around the clock. That quiet spell has ended and the last seven days have been very busy with 7 births (four in the last 36 hours), many prenatal and postpartum check ups, along with tours of a local hospital, connections with another amazing faith-based charity here in Olongapo City, and two outreaches to the poorest people in the Subic Bay area; those who live on the landfill and those who live in a resettlement camp just outside of town. We plan to do another outreach in the city sometime early next week.

It is a privilege to work with both Filipina and North American midwives. I am learning so much, not only about midwifery, but how to care for people who are hurting both physically and emotionally. I love that we end each visit with prayer and encouragement, calling on God to give strength, peace, safety, and salvation.

Again, I ask for prayer for strength and stamina as the work continues to increase, which is amazing, but a little intimidating. I pray that as I daily and sometimes hourly come to the end of myself, that I would not give in to exhaustion but that I would rely on the God who has been sustaining me all along.

The need for Jesus’ saving grace and love is so great where ever we are here on earth but I’m seeing it with new eyes since I’ve been here.

Blessings,  Erin

Here are a couple pictures Erin sent: