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Feb 25

Coming to a Community Group Near You… SNAP!

Sunrise North Africa Partnership (SNAP) is DSC’s top global missions priority. It began back in 2006 when the Elders decided to expand the global missions focus by adopting an unreached people group (less than 2% evangelical Christian). Seven years later we are on the brink of sending out our first home grown church planting family to North Africa. They are slated to leave January 1, 2014. (For a running countdown till their departure, visit the SNAP home page) Lord willing, we will partner with Redemption Church (our first local church plant) to send out our second church planting family to North Africa in 2015.

SNAP countdown 320

Ever wonder why we call it Sunrise? Look here, or here: Isaiah 9:2; 42:6; 49:6; 58:8; John1:5; 2 Corinthians 4:6, 1 John 2:8, Revelation 21:23

As a way to help spread the vision and better familiarize the DSC body with our first SNAP family, they are seeking to visit every DSC Community Group before they leave in January 2014.

They visited their first CG last week and it is already making an impact on members of DSC:

“Having the first SNAP couple and their kiddos at our community group this week really helped me focus on the true mission we all have as Christians, to spread the gospel to the world. It gave our CG an opportunity to fellowship and get to know them before they leave for North Africa. We had time to learn who they are and why they want to go to another part of the world, and specifically North Africa, in order to share the gospel.” – Jason

“They invited us to partner with them to see the lost people of North Africa saved and to join in the ministry that God is doing and is going to do there. Hearing their hearts for overseas mission work and what the Lord has already done with them has me excited to share in this work of the Lord. Initially I had concerns and this meeting helped turn those concerns into support and confidence for this missionary effort.” – Valerie

By the end of the night, 3 families in this CG had offered to baby sit their children as they go to other CGs, and one person had offered to donate over $10,000 worth of product to be auctioned off from the business he works at to raise money for SNAP.

God is already moving to mobilize prayer, service, and funds toward this endeavor. This is what it means to dig in.

SNAP Digging in Congregation

To learn more about SNAP click here, church planting click here, and to start giving toward this end, click here.  Be sure to designate it church planting so that it makes it to the right place.

May God get all the glory!