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Feb 27

Un Nuevo Caballo para las Misiones. (A New Horse for Missions)

2013 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi

Caballo 2Last fall, DSC welcomed Dr. Jaime Jacobo Pineda and his wife Janette with us as special guests for our Global Missions Emphasis Week.  Just before bringing them here, several DSC folks who have been to Guatemala to serve alongside Dr. Jacobo and Jannette banded together to raise $5000 to help Jacobo pay for a new truck.

Jacobo and Janette travel to Achi land often to serve the Achi in Community Health Evangelism (CHE).  Our teams have ridden with them in their personal vehicle dozens and dozens of times, helping them wear it out on the rough roads in Achi country.  As a way to invest in them as missionaries to the Achi people, and to help equip them to make that treck countless more

Jacobo Caballo

Cowboy Jacobo with His new Missions Horse

times, the global missions budget matched the $5000 raised to give them a total of $10,000 to help with their vehicle.

What an amazing example of God moving among His people to provide for His purposes among the nations.  Thank you to those who donated directly, and to those that donate indirectly (via your regular giving).

Please join us in praising God for this gift and tool for His mission.  And please join us for a ride this May.