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Mar 18

Business as Mission (BAM) – Come and Join the Conversation


The SNAP team is partnering with 16:15 to have a Business as Mission (BAM) lunch on Friday, April 19th (11:30 to 1PM), and/or a BAM workshop on Saturday the 20th (9AM to 3:30 PM).

If you are business minded, please consider coming (especially on the 20th) in order to join the conversation BAM 2about how the SNAP team can use Business as Mission in the field.

Here is the outline for Saturday the 20th:

  • 9AM to 12PM – 3 sessions covering BAM foundations (Biblical/Historical – why? and what? of BAM)
  • 12PM-130PM – Lunch break
  • 1:30-3:30PM – 2 sessions BAM practice (The How? from general to specific for SNAP including “what’s next”)

The lunch on Friday and workshop on Saturday are independent, but complimentary.  The Friday lunch is community wide and will be very general about BAM.  The Saturday workshop is really designed for DSC (and SNAP especially).  If you had to pick one or the other, I’d say shoot for joining us on Saturday to help get an idea of what BAM is and help contribute to the conversation.

No need to register for Saturday (just come), but if you want to come Friday, you do need to register.

BAM April 2013

Mar 13

Spreading Seed in Future Fields

2013 | by Clint | Category: Church Planting,Field Updates,Global

maarifa feb 2013As part of our Sunrise North Africa Partnership (SNAP), we continue to partner with Arab World Media (AWM), a ministry of our partner sending agency, PIONEERS, to support their evangelism and discipleship strategies through media.

The statistics and testimonies to the right are from their February 2013 newsletter to supporters (that’s you!).

AWM is the strategic way we seek to invest in seeds of the gospel being planted North Africa long before our folks hit the ground in 2014 and 2015, Lord willing, to harvest them.  Please pray with us that God will continue to use this ministry to spread the gospel and open the eyes of people in North Africa to the truth.

As we continue to roll out the Countdown to Sunrise, the SNAP families are uprooting their lives to go and plant churches.  We must dig in to send them out.

Learn how to dig in here.


















Mar 12

Rez Youth Mission Trip Day 1 – Travel, Cleaning, and Wood Cutting

2013 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Native American,Trips

Hello DSC Family!

Yesterday was “Day 1” of the 2013, Spring Break, DSC Navajo Rez Youth Mission trip.  After loading up two 15 passenger vans and a Jeep Commander with food and young people at 8AM, we hit the road for Window Rock, NM (on the boarder of Arizona) to support the ministry of Chuck and Cindy Harper at Western Indian Ministries (WIM). The trip was safe and smooth.  Yesterday was full of cleaning for the gals, and wood cutting/hauling for the guys.  Last night the youth children of the Western Indian Ministries (WIM) families joined our youth group for dinner, chill time, and then some gospel teaching from DSC’s youth minister Nathan.  Below are some photos from today and yesterday.  Tonight we head out to Houk, AZ to Good News church, one of the DSC Christmas Store churches to have  Film and Theology movie night.  The whole church will be joining us for dinner and a movie, followed by a teaching from Nathan on how all stories we tell have a hint of the redemption and the redeemer we were created to know and glorify.

Nathan, David, and Jason doing the "Daddy" work.

Nathan, David, and Jason doing the “Daddy” work.

boys at rez
Boys hauling wood.  Thanks Marvin G. for the trailer!


built ford tough

Built DSC Tough


everyone helping

The younger crew working on lunch.


girls cleaning

The Youth Girls Cleaning!


Window Rock team

The Window Rock Mission Team 2013


En Route to Window Rock

En Route to Window Rock