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Apr 1

Meeting the SNAP Family is Making an Impact

275 Days till Sunrise…

Countdown no number

Digging in to send them out…

At this point, the Sunrise North Africa Partnership (SNAP) family at DSC have visited four Community Groups.  They are aiming to visit all 25 groups before their scheduled departure of January 2014 in order to share their personal insights into the SNAP vision, mission, and strategy.

Here is what folks are saying that have been visited:

“It was great to have the SNAP family at our CG because it allowed us to meet them personally and to see their passion for the journey ahead, their dreams for ministry, for their children, and for people in North Africa.  I feel it unified our group to each other around this mission so that we can now all say, “this is OUR mission”.   It personally increased my appreciation for the sacrifice and passion of this family and instilled a greater burden to pray for them and Muslims in our target country.” – Tara S.

“I thought they presented everything very well. My wife and I were talking about it later that night and thought it was such a great idea for them to visit every CG, because now we feel like we really truly have skin in the game. Its isn’t something that we hear from the pulpit, but rather something that we as a church ALL have a personal hand in. Having them there got us excited to be on board with them and sending them out.” – Eric L.

The SNAP family is visiting, on average, two Community groups per month.  So watch for them to drop in on your CG this year sometime.  And please take the opportunity to ask questions about the mission, about their family, and about how God can use you to pray for and support them.

Click here to set up automatic giving to SNAP each month.

As of this posting, our current weekly average giving toward church planting is just over $1750, and our goal by January 2014 is $3000 per week.  Let’s dig in!

Apr 1

Free Childcare for Life at DSC!

April Fools!  Come on…  Did you really believe that!?Date Night 2013

So it’s not totally a joke. It’s the Church Wide Date Night.

Three Community Groups at DSC will watch your kiddos this Friday night for free.  However, they will strongly encourage you to donate your date night budget (dinner, movie, childcare) to the Sunrise North Africa Partnership (SNAP), which will, Lord willing, bring spiritual life through the gospel to unreached peoples of North Africa.

So….  Technically this is free childcare, for life.

We have 100 spots for kiddos, and only 20 registered so far. Please hurry to contact Michelle Hafenrichter ( or 505.792.3407).

Go on a date (a cheap one, like coffee and conversation) and support SPRING for SNAP! 2013.