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Apr 15

Men on Mission: Retreat!

2013 | by Clint | Category: Local

See if this logic rings true…Men's Retreat 2013

By God’s design, men are to lead spiritually in the family, church, and community. If the state of families, our community, and to some degree churches are in a low state spiritually, then does it not fall to the men to confess our sin of lack of leadership, repent together, encourage one another, challenge one another, and ask God for grace to lead?

Men, if you agree with this logic, then come along for the men’s retreat on May 3-4.  Men will be challenged to fulfill their God given role as spiritual leader in the family and community by dying to self, trusting in the gospel of grace, digging deep into God’s word, and bringing the truth found therein to bear on their own hearts and lives and the families, coworkers, and others around them.

Our guest speaker, Michael Kelsha, says

“I have a passionate desire to see men live their lives and lead their families and serve in ministry, whole heartedly in the way of God’s Word by His grace and for His glory.”

$60 to register.  Find out more here, and register here.