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Jun 7

Computer or Laptop Running Slow? Get it Tuned up and Support SNAP!

Got a computer?  Got a computer that’s running slow, or loud or just hasn’t been serviced in a while?  Bring yours in for Computer Optimization on June 14th and pick it up the afternoon of June 15th.  $75 per computer.  Details on service provided below, and registration available at  Or come see us at the SNAP kiosk after each service June 9th.  All proceeds go towards SNAP.

We will fix your computer, make it run fast, get rid of viruses.  Buy a new computer and will set it up for you, including software.  Even email us and we will tell you what computer to buy and THEN set it up for you.

Computer Optimization SPRING 2013

Have questions?  Contact Melody Shaddix at

Jun 5

Barrera Home Renovation Mission Update #3 – Making Progress

Our team from DSC is hard at work from dawn to after dark on the Barreras’ Cheyenne abode.  Here is an update as of Wednesday morning, from mixed sources (Ian, David and Marvin).

Ian reports,

“Yesterday was a killer day. We were able to get a lot of things taken care of. Unfortunately we had a fairly significant hail and rain storm roll through that put a damper (pun intended) on the exterior efforts for awhile as well as some interior work, as all saws and cutting are done outside. It also muddied up the place, requiring constant cleaning and re-cleaning in our work areas.”



First sanding of hard wood floors.

Probably the most thankless job, according to David, was completed on Sunday – the difficult removal

of “about 73,000” staples from the floors.  A gentleman from the Cheyenne church, in spite of severe arthritic hands, spent several hours on the project, as did two youth, Joey and Jeremiah.  Bryan began sanding the floors last night


Working on tile in the kitchen on Tuesday.

and the finish was proving to be more durable than expected. Today they have revised the sanding plan and are approaching it from a different angle to get the finish down to bare wood.

Ian completed the tile and grout in the bathroom by Monday, and after completely stripping the kitchen of its original cabinets, put in the underlayment on Monday.  Yesterday, with Marvin as “my designated tile apprentice making sure I was stocked with tile as well as making all the necessary cuts for me so I didn’t have to get up down so often. We finished the kitchen floor at 8pm last night.”


A set of oak cabinets have been purchased, and Clyde and David will be installing them today, after the remainder of the sheetrock is removed and replaced.  According to Ian, this will be a “tall order as every home is build differently and getting them to fit properly will require a lot of math and finagling.”  New formica counter tops and a stove/oven will complete the project.

Interior walls, ceiling, and trim:

Bryan, Paul, Marvin and Dennie have been prepping for paint and repairing sheetrock, so that most rooms are ready for paint – more on that today. David has been conversing carefully with Carol, who was able to select paint colors from the Valspar website, after consulting with her daughter (who lives on the other side of the world)! Dennie worked yesterday cleaning up the old floor vents and give them a fresh makeover.



New tile, new toilet, fixed shower plumbing.

All is now in good working order – the toilet is in, hot water shower now available for the work crew (though the door is currently a curtain).


Three new windows are now installed – tricky work on an older home!  Clyde poured a concrete threshold, and Arlan bought and spread grass seed where the dreadful dog run was removed on Saturday.  Prep work will begin on the exterior trim as the weather allows.

Our DSC team has been continually blessed by the help and service from the folks of the First Baptist Church of Cheyenne.  Many have brought gifts of food and catered to their needs, as well as joining in on the labor.  Shirley, who lived next door as a child, and is still “family” according to Carol, has been stopping by, bringing food and a donation; David and Mary Waterstreet and daughter Melody are a constant help and encouragement.  The team has been blessed also with good prayer and fellowship together.

DSC’s own Paul came down with a stomach bug yesterday morning, and spent the day and all last night in bed with nausea and vomiting.  Please pray for him, and for the protection and safety of the rest of the team as they work toward the completion of this labor of love.

May Christ get much glory!



Done with tile in the kitchen on Wednesday AM.



Marvin G. picking up some new tile cutting skills. His wife Dennie is VERY excited about this new found skill.


Jun 4

Guatemala May 2013 Mission Update #11 – Quote from Our Partners

2013 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi,Trips

Here is a quick note of gratitude and joy from our dear sister and partner in Guatemala, Carol Barrera, about the recent May Mission Trip from DSC to serve the Achi:

A The trip that just finished was excellent.  I felt there was unity, good organization, good outreach. And the weather cooperated–in spite of it being rainy season.  (A grace of God, but we can’t count on that in May.)  Most of us did get sick, but in spite of that, most everything we wanted to do was accomplished.

Praise God, and thanks to all who came, all who planned ahead of time, all who gave and prayed. I loved being a part of this with you!

Our beloved Carol y Rodrigo Barrera en Antigua - 2009

Our beloved Carol y Rodrigo Barrera en Antigua – 2009


Thanks be to God for this partnership, and for the gospel that unites us in Jesus!