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Jun 4

Barrera Home Renovation Mission Update #2 – Pressing Onward

This just in from Ian in Cheyenne, working with the DSC team of 7 working on the Barreras home:

Aside from a few minor repairs that will happen later, the major demolition is done. Now to put it all back together.

Today’s events:

  • grout bathroom tile floor
  • repair shower plumbing
  • hot water works which is awesome
  • Set new toilet. Install new tile in kitchen
  • sand the original wood floors
  • continue with installing new/refurbish doors and windows
  • continue with paint prep.

Thankful for the prayers!

Barrera home improvement

Whipping up something yummy in the Kitchen.

Jun 2

Barrera Home Renovation Mission Update #1 – Assessment and Starting Work

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The Casa de Barrera Cheyenne Renovation team working on the Barreras’ home sent us an update of their mission.  But first…

It’s not too late to give toward this project.  The team is already saying how they fear the budget $4000 that has come in so far from donors and missions budget may not be enough to do as much as they’d really like to.  So, if you’d like to give this project a shot in the financial arm, you can donate online here, just make sure to designate it to “Guatemala projects.”

Ian B., facility manager on stafff at DSC writes:

This morning David Gregory and I and our Wyoming Chauffeur David, visited Lowes and Menards and priced out laminate, tile, paint, doors and windows. We took our time.  Meanwhile, Paul M., Bryan K. and Clyde B. began clearing our the obvious garbage and debris out of the house and dismantling sheds and mowing and trimming trees and fallen branches.

Other things we accomplished today include:

  • Cleared the backyard of trash
  • Dissassembled the chain-link fence
  • Began replacing windows
  • Assessed the kitchen countertops, began relacing them.
  • Removed all kitchen appliances to access floor
  • Started pulling up linoleum only to find a beutiful oak flooring!  woo hoo!
  • Pulled as much old linoleum in bathroom as we could, it was stuck real good.  What did come up I identified as asbestos backed tiles, bummer.
  • Pulled the toilet off and found cast iron plumbing, bummer, new toilet wont work the existing flange.  Took a trip to the basement, had to tunnel myself to the back of the house through foxholes to reach the bathroom plumbing only to determine that I wouldn’t have enough space to cut the cast iron and retrofit a new closet flange. Bummer, internet to the rescue, found a PVC closet flange the fits inside cast iron pipe and makes a tight seal. Yay!

We cleaned up around 8pm, had some dinner with our new friends who have taken good care of us thus far, including setting us up in there really nice campers out on the street.  Overall, we’re doing well, staying strong, and trying to stay focused.

Here are some photos from the day:

campers in street floor cleanup replacing a windor staple pulling

Jun 1

Guatemala May 2013 Mission Update #10 – The Beauty of Chicholom and It’s People


Paul E. acting like a zombie


Rachel handing out stickers to the children


Damian doing tricks.

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