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Jun 7

Computer or Laptop Running Slow? Get it Tuned up and Support SNAP!

Got a computer?  Got a computer that’s running slow, or loud or just hasn’t been serviced in a while?  Bring yours in for Computer Optimization on June 14th and pick it up the afternoon of June 15th.  $75 per computer.  Details on service provided below, and registration available at  Or come see us at the SNAP kiosk after each service June 9th.  All proceeds go towards SNAP.

We will fix your computer, make it run fast, get rid of viruses.  Buy a new computer and will set it up for you, including software.  Even email us and we will tell you what computer to buy and THEN set it up for you.

Computer Optimization SPRING 2013

Have questions?  Contact Melody Shaddix at