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Jun 8

Barrera Home Renovation Mission Update #4 – Wrapping Things Up!

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Karen G. our liaison to the Rabinal Achi partnership reports (as of Friday morning):

The team is on their 7th day of work, and things are taking shape!  Here is a picture of the whole Albuquerque group, taken before Paul and Ian left Thursday morning.

Ian expressed great sadness at having to leave “early,” and he and Paul worked late into the night on Wednesday, though Paul was still under the weather.  Incredibly hard workers, joyfully giving their time and talents to support our dear missionaries. Many thanks also to their families for sacrificing husbands and fathers for this week!

The floors are finished (tile in kitchen and bath, old wood stripped, sanded, and stained)), the cabinets hung, counter tops being set today, windows hung and trim painted, exterior doors being replaced today, more prep and much paint being applied to the interior as I write. A coat of varnish will go on the wooden floors tonight after all else is done.

One of the huge blessings has been the relationships formed with folks in Cheyenne! The group has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the Barrera’s son Arlan as he works with them. Yesterday “Grandma Sue” from the First Baptist Church Cheyenne helped paint outside trim – what a blessing!

Please continue to pray for the workers, for their safety and tired bodies and minds, for their joy in work well done.

Ian wrote this morning:

“Talked to David this morning and the cabinets are done, ready for new countertops.  Painting started yesterday and continues today.  Clearcoat will go on the floor tonight.  Need to get a door repaired still and some minor finishing touches.  Overall we made a huge impact on the house, yet there’s still things we just couldn’t get to like electrical.  Carol’s words from an email before the trip saying she was worried about “being overwhelmed by the mess and amount of work,” motivated us and the jobs we decided to tackle to make the house a place they can come home to and relax.”


“Grandma Sue” painting the outside trim. The Barreras’ home congregation has supported and partnered with our team in very helpful ways this trip.


Freshly sanded floor.


Now finished!


Paul was feeling quite a bit better on Thursday, but still tired from being sick.


Team photo before Ian and Paul hit the road Thursday for Albuquerque! (arrived Thursday night at 8:30PM). from left, Ian Byrd, Bryan Kelchner, Paul Mathis, David Gregory, Marvin Gibson, Dennie Gibson, and Clyde Baker.








David building out the window trim for the new windows.


Bryan’s big accomplishment before leaving on Thursday morning.


Dennie and Bryan laying the white paint down.


Clyde finishing up the kitchen cabinets.