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Jun 20

Mission Accomplished! – Barreras Enjoying Their Renovated Home

2013 | by Clint | Category: Global,Missionary Care,Rabinal Achi

A team of 7 from DSC traveled in early June to renovate the Barrera’s home in Cheyenne.  And on June 13th, the Barreras arrived at their home for a 6 month furlough.  Here is the first note we’ve received from them:

I have been wanting since our first moment in our rescued house to send praises and abrazos (hugs) of gratitude to all the DSC folk who gave so much of their time, expertise, money and love to make us a place to stay that is a refuge instead of a wreck!  We felt great joy and peace upon entering the house.  I can’t mention all they did, but in brief: I love the front door, the new windows, the counter top (they couldn’t have chosen a better color to match the tile floor), the white walls, the new toilet, the cleaned up yard, the beautiful wooden floors . . . .

And here is the second, which is actually the Barreras’ daughter from half way around the world:

You told me the DSC team had a blog and I had a look. Just saw the latest pictures. Looking through the pictures has just brought tears to my eyes. Our beloved little house with beautiful floors, shiny windows and fresh paint. The house needed love desperately and the team has brought it back to life. It looks clean and fresh and welcoming for you to move into. I’m so glad.

Our prayer as a church has been and continues to be that God will receive the praise and honor due His name through these efforts to show love to the Barreras who have spent over half their lives investing in God’s Word being spread among the Rabinal Achi.  May God multiply these efforts throughout eternity!

Here are some of the finished product pictures:

cabinets before

Kitchen cabinets before…


cabinets after

Kitchen cabinets after!


exterior before

Exterior before…


exterior after

Exterior after!


floor before

Floors before…


floor after

Floors after…


window before

Window interior before…


Window after

Window interior after!


window out before

Window exterior before…


window out after

Window exterior after!