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Nov 11

DSC Men and Chainsaws 2013

2013 | by Clint | Category: Mission Opportunity,Native American,Trips

On Saturday, November 2nd, twenty-eight men (both young and old) from Desert Springs Church joined with several members of Cedar Hills Church on the Navajo reservation to gather firewood for several Navajo families living on the reservation.   This firewood is essential for these families because wood burning stoves and fireplaces are the only way these families can heat their homes during the cold winter months.  The “Christian Lumberjacks” eagerly gathered enough wood to fill six trailers, to include a big dump trailer, and six pickup trucks, all of this without injury (that’s not including sore backs, muscles, bruises, etc.).

Cedar Hill Wood Team

The day began at 6:30 am, with everyone meeting at Desert Springs for donuts and prayer.  We arrived at Counselor, New Mexico at 9:15 am and proceeded to the woodcutting area, which was over an hour’s drive into the forest.  Upon arrival, everyone started work immediately, cutting wood with chainsaws and axes, and splitting larger logs with a hydraulic splitter.  This work continued through lunch with everyone taking a quick lunch break as they found time.  By 3:30 pm, all the trucks and trailers were loaded up, ready for delivery to the homes.   We were able to roll out of the woodcutting area by 4:30 pm after pulling one of the trucks out of a deep ravine.  We completed our deliveries by 7:00 pm and made it home by 9:30 pm, just in time to get a little rest before worship on Sunday.

God really blessed this day for us by keeping everyone safe and sound.  Everyone pitched in and worked like champions, serving Jesus by serving His flock.  Almost everyone has said that they can’t wait until the next trip to share in the joy of serving. We were really blessed to have at least nine young men under the age of 21 with us on this trip.  It’s reassuring to know that our young folks at Desert Springs are stepping up to God’s call to help others in missions.

Here is a testimony sent from Efren Butley, Pastor Butler’s daughter, and Cedar Hill Church’s lead for this wood cutting ministry:

“Everyone who came did an awesome job cutting wood and getting the trucks filled.  I think what a lot of them didn’t get to see was the thankfulness of people that we brought the wood to. Although many of them weren’t home, they knew it was people from our church and from Albuquerque who gave then wood and they came to church on Sunday for service. So that in itself was a huge blessing for us to see them hearing he gospel. Everything behind the scenes that your church did was awesome, we got to see the results after they left. A few of the ladies we left wood for came up to us crying and thanking us. They had no idea how they were going to get wood this season. And good thing to because it snowed today. Words cannot express what I want to say but thank you  thank you thank you for serving The Lord physically. We appreciate you!” – Efren Butler

Here are some more photos from the day.