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Mar 11

SPRING for SNAP 2014 is coming…

SPRING for SNAP is part of our 2014 Countdown to Sunrise, when we send out our second church planting family to North Africa.  It is a season of increased prayer, awareness, and fund raising for our North Africa mission!

SPRING = Share, Pray, Raise Funds, INvest, Give.


Visit to learn more about SNAP, share what you learn with others, and get excited to visit Redemption Church sometime in 2014 with your Community Group as the our second family (the C’s) share their role in SNAP, the vision to plant churches, and ways we can support them.


Pray with us for our church planting families, for the lost in North Africa, and for how each member of DSC can help send these families and the gospel to the unreached of North Africa. Grab a SNAP prayer packet from the missions kiosk or information center to get started.


Let’s get creative in community! This is a chance for every community group and ministry at DSC to actively participate in sending our missionaries. A list of events scheduled for this year are listed below. Plan to participate in as many of them as you can. If your community group isn’t organizing one of these events, consider mobilizing your CG to do a team garage sale in the community.


Rather than supporting a lot of missionaries with just a little money, love, connection, and accountability, we are aiming for a model of investing more in fewer folks in focused areas. The body of DSC must invest in SNAP prayerfully, financially, and relationally for this vision to succeed.


Our church planting families are giving up comfort, routine, and proximity to friends and family in order to go and share the gospel in North Africa. What are we willing to give so that this gospel of the kingdom can go forward with them and through them? We started in 2011 by challenging folks to give $1.00 per day. And some folks have been able to do it. Some have even been able to increase each year to $2.00 per day in 2012 and $3.00 per day in 2013. Now 2014 is here, we are asking God to do even more for His glory. Can you give $4.00 per day to church planting in 2014? Let’s pray that more folks may be able to give as God provides. Go to to give toward these church planting efforts.Untitled


Mar 7

SNAP Care Team Member Report from Across the Seas

Recently a DSC and SNAP Care Team member visited our SNAP family in the field.  Here is a short interview with her after she returned.

1.  How are the G’s doing?

“The G’s are doing well. They are really excelling at their French language school. It is 1/4 complete and they are speaking French to people in many situations around France and are feeling confident with the language in a short period of time. Their kids have started adjusting to the culture and are also learning to speak French.  Their three year old boy has had the hardest time, but he has started warming up to the new surroundings and all the kids are receptive to new foods that they are being introduced to. Who would not love a crepe with butter, sugar & cinnamon made fresh from the street crepery after church each Sunday!”

2) What was the purpose of the trip, and how did it go?

“The G’s were on break after the first section of school and they were taking a final ‘vision’ trip to their target country.  Pastor Zach N. (former DSC worship leader) from The Vine Church in Madison Wisconsin and 3 of his church members wanted to join on the trip to help strategize their role in this mission plan. Mrs G. asked me to join the group, helping take their 3 kids to get an introduction taste of the culture of their future homeland. My role was to help keep the 3 young children busy and entertained during meetings and to give Mrs. G a little female companionship amidst a group of 5 men. It was a great opportunity for me to encourage the G family face to face and get a good taste and feel of the culture they will be moving to at the end of this year. We traveled to 3 cities and there were various meetings. The children did fantastic. They traveled well, played well with large groups of children at public parks, and they enthusiastically ate every new food they were introduced to. Mr. G received a lot of insight from people living in and around the country. The trip was a success in so many ways.”

3) What are some ways we can be praying for the G’s right now?

“First, praises to God for helping them to settle into their new surroundings and to give them great understanding with this new language. Again, their 3 year old has had the hardest time adjusting, so continued prayer for him to learn to communicate in two languages and to adjust to continually changing routines. The G’s are narrowing down their choice of places to live. They are receiving a lot of counsel and they really need wisdom from God in making decisions regarding where & how they can best serve our Lord. They need God’s direction in many areas that will affect their lives: location, work, schools, neighborhood to live in etc. Please pray for continued growth in language learning. The school is very fast paced and consuming. Pray that they will keep making time for God’s Word in order for Him to permeate their lives and keep focused on their goal and not get discouraged during this season of their lives.”

Check out our SNAP page to learn more and consider giving regularly to this mission at