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Upcoming Navajo Rez Work Trips for 2014! First One April 12th

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Want to get your hands dirty and your heart encouraged?  Want to use your time and engergy to bless our Native American Partners in the gospel?  Want to be blessed as you serve Western Indian Ministries (WIM) alongside other DSC folks?

Our Native American Partnership leaders have put together a schedule of work trips and/or wood cutting trips for 2014.  Would you like to go?  See below for details, and email Lee Scott to ask questions or get involved in one of the trips.

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Work trip coordinator Lee S. of DSC writes:

We have several trips planned throughout the year.

The dates are:

  • April 12th
  • May 17th
  • June 21st
  • August 16th
  • October 18th

We are scheduling our first one to Window Rock, NM for Saturday, April 12th. This will be a Day Trip, leaving from DSC at 7:00am and planning to return by 7:00 pm. Part of the reason for the long day is that we will be working on completing interior demolition on an older building that will be remodeled into a new Dorm at Wester Indian Ministries (by definition, we have no place to stay). Depending upon need, we can take a 15 passenger van to get folks to the project.

The April 12th Trip will be heavy on demolition and clean up- we will be removing material and placing it into a dumpster and/or trailer for haul-off. Tools needed will be those associated with destruction… sledge hammers, pry bars, wheelbarrows and the like will be very useful. Clint will be advertising this trip, and the future efforts, in the Church Bulletin Mission, Blog, etc.

If you can’t attend this one perhaps another will fit your schedule, with a little more time to plan.

Email me, Lee, to get invovled with one of the next work trips of 2014.


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