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Apr 25

Barrera Bulletin for April 2014

Here is the latest from our dear friends, missionaries, and partners, Carol and Rodrigo Barrera.  Please join us in praying for all they have in front of them in the coming weeks, including a pastors training with Pastor Trent and Pastor Ken of DSC, along with medical, dental, physical therapy, and music missions with a team of 24 DSC’ers in late May

Back to Guatemala      

Today we are flying back to Guatemala.  Accompanying us is Alice Brawand, who with her husband John were the first Wycliffe translators to the Achí people. They recruited us to carry on the work.  Alice is a certified counselor and besides re-connecting with her many Achí friends, will be giving some seminars to young ladies and making herself available to pray and talk with any who want to see her privately.

Our time in Guatemala promises to be a very busy time!  Please pray through the following schedule:

  • April 23 – Fly to Guatemala
  • April 24-May 7  Hosting Alice in Guatemala, seminars for young ladies
  • May 7-20 Ministry in San Miguel and hosting the David and Karen Gregory.  They have been involved in their church’s outreach to Achí country from Day One. David was the motivator for the project of restoring our home in Cheyenne last year.  We have been in their home in Albuquerque, and they have made a number of trips to San Miguel. They will be renewing friendships with Achí people. David, Dr. Jacobo and possibly another water expert will be visiting villages to make further water projects.
  • May 21-23 Pastoral Training on Biblical Counseling: Several of us have written up sample case studies for the pastors to discuss how they would employ Biblical principles to topics such as sexual abuse in families, alcoholism, immorality, family problems arising from a parent working in another country and syncretism (pressures in school and work to participate in Mayan rituals).
  • May 24-31 Receiving three teams from New Mexico who will be ministering in four towns with medical, dental and music outreaches.
  • June 1-5 Wrapping up our time in San Miguel for this trip.  Every time we leave, we usually have at least a week of many people coming to visit and say goodbye.

While in San Miguel we will also be checking on the progress of four scholarship students (one blind).  We will be able to see face-to-face the many Achí friends we have kept in contact with through phone calls, emails, FB and chat rooms.  I will continue reading through the new Achí translation of Deuteronomy, which will be checked by an international consultant in June.

Achí missionaries: One of our joys is to see how Achí young people have taken on the vision of missions. We have been in contact through Internet with Mily who was in Nicaragua, Daniel in Panama, Hector in Mexico, and now Marvin who is presently in training in the Dominican Republic en route to Mexico.  In addition, a young man from the Dominican Republic has come to work in San Miguel with YWAM. A young lady from Honduras has been working with Hector and Eder and others to host a mission training event in the area, involving dozens of young people from different churches, doing outreaches in various villages.

Mail Attachment

Eder giving motivational talk on missions


Mail Attachment-3

One of the teams on the way to a village outreach

Water Filters: While in Cheyenne this time, Rodrigo was able to attend a two-day seminar on the type of water filters he learned about last year.  He now is armed with more materials and information on how to make this work.  Rodrigo plans to put into practice the new things he has now learned so that a few of these filters can be tested in San Miguel.

Health: I, Carol, feel that my health has benefited from these two and a half-months in the USA.  Not being constantly exposed to parasites is a welcome relief.  Besides seeing the scoliosis specialist, I have been attending exercise and therapy classes that seem to be helping my back and general strength and balance.

Mail Attachment-2

Arlan’s children at our home

Mail Attachment-1

Sharleen and family in the Middle East

Family: We have had good fellowship with our church and friends here, participating in Bible studies and speaking twice about our work in Guatemala (at a homeless shelter and a Bikers’ Church).  And, of course, our times with our son, daughter-in-law and two little grandchildren are highly treasured.  There were 18 years of his life when we saw our son only rarely–only once every several years for a week or so.  Now we see him several times a week.  While we haven’t seen our daughter and family this trip, we have vicariously enjoyed all the photos posted on FB by my son-in-law’s mother during her three-week visit to them this spring in the Middle East.  We should soon know if our daughter and family will be able to visit us in Cheyenne this summer.

Summer Plans:  We just experienced the coldest winter and spring of our lives, as Cheyenne broke records for accumulated snow and below freezing temperatures.  (Our friends in San Miguel tell us that the temperature there has been in the 90’s F this past week.)  We have only been able to play with our grandkids at the park one day so far this year. We plan to spend most of June, July and August in Cheyenne, continuing to work on Achí projects at a distance: keeping in touch with Achí friends via Internet, checking Old Testament books in Achí and coordinating with the church in Albuquerque for the pastors conferences in September of this year and another in January, 2015.  Both Rodrigo and I also have several health issues to address while in the USA this summer.  We hope to be back in Guatemala by the beginning of September.

Our hearts are brimming with gratitude for the many demonstrations of God’s goodness–his Word which is alive and through which he still speaks, his faithful provision and care–often through you by means of your prayers, communications, monthly support and special gifts–and most of all, our Savior who after unimaginable suffering, broke the bonds of death and sin, assuring our salvation, present and future.

Rodrigo and Carol Barrera

Contact information:  The best way to contact us for the next seven weeks is through email:  <> or <>.

Our mission address is: Wycliffe Bible Translators, PO Box 628200, Orlando, FL 32862-8200.

They can handle checks sent to that address, with a separate note indicating:

“Preference for the Wycliffe ministry of Rodrigo and Carol Barrera, Account #210519”.