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Jun 23

Barrera Bulletin Part 1

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Dear DSC friends,
I hope this won’t be too repetitious for you, since your have already had good reports in the missionary blog. But maybe there will be some new tidbit of information.  We are extremely blessed by our partnership with you all!

BARRERA BULLETIN – June, 2014 (Part 1)
As I wrote out an outline of all I want to share with you, I realized that the text and photos wouldn’t fit in one normal email.  So this edition of the BARRERA BULLETIN will be coming to you in three installments.

The Pastors Conference was attended by about 60 leaders in the Achí region.  Pastor Trent and Pastor Ken from Albuquerque gave practical principles from the Bible on pastoral counseling.  Even though I am not a pastor, I benefited from the talks.  We were challenged to avoid coming across as know-it-all’s with canned wisdom to dispense to the needy.  Instead, we seek to be channels of God’s love and God’s truth, recognizing that we need that as much as the person seeking counsel.  One way to do that is to really listen to what is being said and what is not being said.  Then we try to glean more by insightful questions to reveal motives, fears, desires, so that we can discover heart issues, and not just apply techniques to modify behavior.  Regardless of the problems presented, we can offer hope for those who feel alone, guilty, fearful, angry–but the hope is in His promises, His faithfulness and our relationship to Him. The pastors broke into groups to discuss typical scenarios, and to put into practice what they were learning.  They were so engaged in the discussions that it was hard to get them to come back to the main sessions.



Following the Pastors Conference was a packed week of medical clinics

(dental, general medical, gynecological, physical therapy) held in three villages.  This is always done in conjunction with local believers in the medical field and volunteers for logistics and for ministering to those who want counsel and prayer.  A significant asset this time were teams who engaged the people assembled with games, skits and music.  Some of the music team members went around and played soft music to those being treated, who visibly relaxed as they listened.


Music workshops were a big hit–the only criticism we heard was that they were too short!  Sixty or so people came to the workshops during the week.  At the very beginning a foundation was laid for the WHY of music in ministry, reminding people that it was not for personal glory or entertainment, but rather for true worship and God’s glory.  When asked, “When you choose your music for a service, do you know what the theme of the sermon is going to be?”  That was a new idea to them–that the music could tie in with the teaching.  Individual workshops concentrated on voice, guitar, keyboard and drums.  The grand finale was a concert in the civic center with musicians both local and foreign joining together.




(There was even some Christian rap.)

With over two dozen team members from the USA, logistics were a challenge.  Add to that the fact that Rodrigo and I had six weeks of house guests (from one to three at a time–and all of them delightful), and you can imagine how busy our time was.   I give God the credit for giving us strength beyond our natural abilities throughout our whole trip and time in Guatemala this last trip.  Now He is giving us a time of quiet in Cheyenne.  Our days are still chock full of tasks, but with a little more rest sneaked in.  We will tell you more about summer plans in installment 3.

Many thanks for your crucial financial and prayer support, plus encouraging emails.

 Rodrigo and Carol

Our mission address is: Wycliffe Bible Translators, PO Box 628200, Orlando, FL 32862-8200.

Jun 18

Love, INC Up and Comings

As one of our Local Mission Strategic Partners, Love INC (in the Name of Christ) helps mobilize the local church and her groom’s resources of time, talent, and treasure to love the materially poor of Albuquerque, with an eye for spiritual poverty that can only be addressed with the gospel.
Check out these great ways to get plugged in this summer and fall:
Fellowship Training:
Tuesday, June 17th 10 am – noon
Love INC office 8011 Central NE, 87108
Do you like to help by visiting people in their homes?
Love INC training includes: Love INC information Process of visiting people in need (our Neighbors). We want to see and hear what is going on so that churches are better able to meet legitimate needs.
Declutter and Donate:
Be intentional with your time and declutter your home this summer and share with those who are less fortunate.
Call 255.5683 to schedule a large item pick up or bring small items to our office/thrift store located at 8011 Central NE.
Unused Jewelry:
Love INC collects jewelry every year to resell as a fundraiser called the “Bling Show!” We need churches to host a jewelry drop box and collect jewelry.
This year’s event will be at New Covenant Church located on Paseo Del Norte on Friday evening October 17th and Saturday morning October 18th.  Please e-mail if you can help.
Love INC has become a community shopper with Smith’s. If you register your card, we can get a percentage of your purchases as a donation to our organization.
2. Create an account.
3. Link to Community Rewards Program.
4. Love INC’s number is 15536.
Thrift store: Sorting, cleaning, pricing & cashiering
Clearinghouse: Answering phones & visiting people in their homes
Administration: Working databases & special projects
Fundraising: Helping with “Bling Show” by collecting, sorting, and pricing jewelry.
Many of our faithful volunteers are going to be gone this summer (especially in June), and more volunteers are needed for morning, afternoon or all day shifts.
How to get started:
1. E-mail to let us know you want to volunteer with your preferred day, time, choice of volunteer position, and your phone number.
2. We will call you and schedule a volunteer orientation and interview to determine the best opportunity for you.
3. Start volunteering!
Become a Money and Me Trainer:
Next Money & ME Train the Trainer
Saturday, August 23, 2014 8:30 am – 4:00 pm Love INC Office

Jun 16

Celebrating God’s Work Among the Achi Recently

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Back in April of this year, as part of our Rabinal Achi Partnership, DSC supported Hector Hernandez and Eder Ixcopal and OR4 as they hosted “Global Vision 2014.”  This weekend of training for teenagers was designed to educate and train them in the basics of evangelism and global missions, and to challenge them to practice sharing their faith with other Achi people.  See here some of the testimonies and photos from the event, and praise God for His work among the Achi as the Achi preach the word of God to the Achi!

Hector writes:

“We had a great mission project called ” Global Vision 2014.”  Altogether 80 youth participated along with eight host churches. In total, 323 people were evangelized and 95 people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and.”

“The youth made ​​different types of activities, evangelism, activities with children, and even physical work.  At first, the teens did not want to join the group that was assigned to them, some approached us to ask us to leave them in the same group with a relative or friend, but we told them that their request was not granted. After the experience they had in the  field, they had a clear sense of belonging and unity in the group so that they did not want the project to end. In fact, two of the teens approached me to apologize for refusing at first to join the group were assigned. I was told that God had spoken to his heart at this time and that they had to change the attitude they had taken that was not correct and now did not want to end Global Vision or leave their group.”

Many are the testimonies of young people in evangelism and experience in performing other activities, but the highlight is the fact that for the first time they had the opportunity to evangelize. They said that on the first day many would not speak, but did on the second day.

Edna Church of the Nazarene in San Francisco said: “The first day I only just watch and listen to my colleagues talk, but on the second day I dared to do it myself, I’m surprised because the words flowed, I can not remember all what I said, but I’m sure were the words of the Lord and was a blessing to the people who listen.”

Numerically we do not exceed our expectations, but in terms of performance and quality of the project and the impact of this on the hearts of young people was a resounding success.  Some pastors have given testimony that their teens have returned very challenged and that this is an encouragement to their churches.”

And here are the photos:  Again, let’s praise God and thank Him for the opportunity to share in this ministry of gospel proclamation to the Achi by the Achi.  And may God put in us a similar passion to share the gospel with our neighbors, friends, and families!

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