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Jul 30

Eder Update #1

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We are so thankful to have Eder Ixcopal here at DSC.  He has traveled all the way from Guatemala to spend 6 months with us.  Here is a personal message and update from Eder.

Hi everyone, as you know I speak Achi, Spanish and I am learning English, this become to be my third language, I am still working in it because I want serve God and serve DSC in a better way. So I hope you understand this letter.

My arrival to USA:

Since I arrived to ABQ God surprise me every day. He is so good to me. At the beginning of this year, I was not sure if this trip could be possible. I recognize it, I was needing faith. But I am so thankful to God, to DSC, David and Karen Gregory, Clint Moore and all the people who were praying for me to get the visa.

With my family in the Guatemala Airport.

With my family in the Guatemala Airport.


Even when I was in the Houston’s airport, I was afraid about inmigration because I know they can send me back to home. So I decided to pray God , after the prayer I felt peace in my heart. Praise God! after to say to the agent about the purpose of the trip and after show him the David Gregory’s letter I brought with me, that was enough to convince him about the purpose of my trip. He was the first who welcomed me to USA. And when I arrived to ABQ, Karen Gregory and Ken Weselman welcomed me in the airport. Then Karen took me to Brent Burket’s house where a lot of friends were waiting for me to welcomed me.

Cara Sowers' daughter welcomed me with this card made by herself.

Cara Sowers’ daughter welcomed me with this card made by herself.


The transition:

Part of the transition was the light day here in ABQ is more longer than in Guatemala. The first week I couldn’t sleep well on night because my mind couldn’t believe it was time to. The meals in ABQ are different than in Guatemala, praise God my stomach has been adapting pretty well to the food here. This is my first month and only one time I had flu, I think that happened for the transition of the weather. I am enjoying this time, I remember one of my friends in Guatemala told me before my trip: “Enjoy your time in ABQ, don’t think about us…” And that is what I am doing, enjoying every day.

About the church:

The service in DSC is so different than in San Miguel Chicaj, but I enjoy it. My feeling about DSC, they are giving their best to the Lord. Surprised me when I was in a meeting with some of the leaders of the church; they evaluated the service of the last Sunday (That happened three With my family in the Guatemala airport. Cara Sowers’ daughter welcomed me with this card made by herself.weeks ago). They talked about it because they want to do their best for the Lord and want to bless the DSC members. They evaluated the preacher, the songs, the slides. That made me to think they are giving the best to the Lord. Praise the Lord for that!

Meeting about the last May trip to Guatemala:

I was in the meeting with DSC people whom traveled to Guatemala in May. They evaluated the work in medical clinic, dental clinic, PTS and music training. While they were talking about their experiences, my mind was thinking about them, some of them are nurses, doctors, dentists, some of them with their own business. They have a style life, a job, but they make time to go and preach the gospel through their profession among my people. That made me think, it’s hard for my people to understand they can share the God’s love through their job. I hope God make my people to understand about His will for us wherever we are.

Communion with some of the family of DSC:

I lived with Dehority family for three weeks, they are a beautiful and wonderful family. Walter, Jody and their daughters Maya, Clara and Eva made me feel at home. I met Jody’s parents and Jody’s sister’s family, with all of them I spent a wonderful time, good conversations, barbecue times and a Friday night in the Zoo. All of them were so kind, good and patients to me. Other wonderful time was in the parade 4th of July with Dehority Family, Gibson family and José Luis family. About my time with Dehority family, some times when W&J saw me tired, they spoke to me in spanish in our conversation, that was so helpful to me. Our conversations each night after dinner was one of my best time with them.Good memories about them.

The Dehority Family.

The Dehority Family.


After Dehority family, the next family who received me in home is the Gregory family, David & Karen and the Rush family. I know D&K for a long time, they and the Rush family as one family make me to feel at home. David and Karen became to be my confident, I enjoy this time I am living with them. Some times I remembered my childhood, specially when I asked Karen to take me to some of the store so that I could buy clothes for myself. The first week I was here with them, David and three of the Rush kids (Gracyn, Noah and Isaac) tried to teach me to play baseball game and then Habala the last one of the Rush family played with me kicking a soccer ball. I have met Karen’s family, granma and granpa, Steve and his family, they were so kind to me and I have had the opportunity to sit with them around a table to eat. Also we had time to go at the store where sell the weaves of the Los Encuentros’ women in San Miguel Chicaj, Guatemala, Steve took some pictures of me and the owner of the store with the weaves.



Thanks to D&K I spent a wonderful weekend with the Barreras in Cheyenne two weeks ago. I miss them, they are part of my family too.

The Barreras.

The Barreras.


Some Gregory’s friends comes to home and I have the opportunity to meet them, then the kids playing in the yard, they remind me my family in Guatemala, I enjoy see them playing. The last week I went with David, Troy Simons and one of his son to shoot guns.


It was a funny time. And other wonderful time is when David and I stayed late on the night watching the movie 24. Good time with this family. I am so thankful with el abuelo Marvelous (Marvin Gibson) because he was my boss the first three weeks, my confident and my driver. He took me some times to his home to watch some games of the world cup, with him I had my first english immersion (hahahaha in his pool the second day when I came to ABQ).

There are a lot of story to say, some of them:

Chuck Harper who took me to Window Rock for a couple days to know the work among the Navajos, Michael and Kim Haight attended me in their dental clinic. Alwyn Koil invited me to a dinner in his house, I spent a wonderful time talking with them.

Alwyn Koil and his family.

Alwyn Koil and his family.


Ron Giese make time in his schedule to attend me every time when I am in the church. I watched some games of the world cup with Memo Ochoa, I enjoyed that time. Rick and Steve Fragua took me to Pueblo of Jemez to know about part of their culture, there are a lot of similitude between their culture and mine. And all the people of DSC who say hello to me every time they see me, that make me feel at home. I don’t still miss something of Guatemala. Thanks to all of you.

My challenges:

One of the challenges I had was to share about my country in the VBS. That was a big challenge for me, because I didn’t have confidence to talk in english to all those kids. But I am so thankful to God, to Cara Sowers and to David and Karen because they gave me words when I was needing it. When I started with the presentation with the first group in the VBS, I felt comfortable to talk and I think all of them could understood what I was saying. Some of the kids when see me say to me “I saw you in the VBS…”

But the most important challenge to me now is learn english. I trying to do my best every day. This letter took me a long time to write it and review it again and again. The challenge is there, every day, every moment, but my hope is in God. The last Saturday 26th I started to study a English course in the CNM westside. So I hope in few months you can hear me speak English better than today. And with the help of all of you I think I can get my goal.


Six families are hosting Eder during his time here in Albuquerque.  If you are not a host family please don’t let that stop you from getting to know him.  There is plenty of opportunity and his schedule is flexible.  So if you want to have him over for a meal, take him to your community group or an Isotope game, invite him for a weekend trip or just hang out with him, contact Karen or David Gregory who have  responsibility for scheduling his time and activities while in the U.S.  Eder is a really cool guy, easy to be with and game for most anything. So if you are able to converse in Achi, Spanish or English, don’t miss the opportunity that God has given DSC to get to know Eder, and show him our gratitude for all he has done in service to our mission to the Achi people.


Jul 18

Native American Partnership Work Trips

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Here is an update from Chuck Harper on the Native American Partnership Work Trips:

On behalf of all the staff at Western Indian Ministries, we want to thank our friends at DSC for your partnership with us!

On three occasions, DSC men have taken on the dirty and daunting task of tearing out tons of old sheetrock, mounds of pulverized fiberglass, and working through old charred and construction dust that has accumulated for 70 years.

I wish you could have seen their faces…resembling coal miners!

Those guys are special servants, willing to give up a Saturday to serve Jesus… fill their lungs and clothing with dust, work in the most dreaded of construction environments: creating skin irritations, sore arms, backs, and feet. But, I think they’d all come back! The work they completed was awesome and a huge boost to the WIM dorm remodel.

The dorm remodel, affectionately called “Operation Nehemiah,” is the rebuilding of “the walls”. Phase one of Operation Nehemiah is the restoration of the original Navajo Bible School building. Our goal is to transform the building into home base for future work teams, and a place for training and mentoring indigenous leadership. It will expand our capacity to be the service center for Native Churches in the southwest.

Help! We need to enlist an army to accomplish the task! Nehemiah prayed and asked, so we are being faithful to trust God and to ask…

There is still monumental work to be done.   We will need to remodel each area of the “dorm”, including a kitchen to feed about 75, bedrooms for couples, and male and female bunks and showers. Then we could use some help collecting quality tables, chairs, dishes, cups, silverware, mattresses, etc., etc.…

Do you like to shop? Decorate? Put up sheetrock, plumbing, paint, make cabinets, lay tile, electric? We have an incredible GC who God has sent to oversee the project.

You are welcome to come to Window Rock anytime. Accommodations are sparse, but we love visitors, and we have a fully functional coffee pot!  Come on a scheduled workday, make it a family trip, or gather a crew of burly construction workers.

Desert Springs family, you are truly a special partner with Western Indian Ministries!

When the project is completed, hopefully by Christmas, DSC could be one of the first groups to utilize the facility.

Pray hard. Dream big,

Chuck and Cindy Harper


Western Indian Ministries is a faith-supported ministry.   Hilltop Christian School,  3 radio stations,  Community Outreach,  Church Development, and Christ for Native Youth.


Opportunities to serve are still open!  We have trips scheduled  for Aug. 16 and Oct. 18.  If you would like more information please contact Lee Scott at



Jul 16

Thank you from Brandon Key

2014 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi,Trips

Brandon has recently returned from a very long and fruitful stay in Guatemala among our Achi brothers and sisters.  Here is what he has to share:

Dear DSC,

Thank you so much for the many prayers that played a role in this summer’s Guatemala mission. As you have seen from the Barreras’ update, God worked in big ways among the Rabinal Achi this summer through the pastors’ conference and the medical clinics that were hosted. However, I would specifically like to thank you for the prayer that was offered for Marvin Gibson and I after the large group returned.

Marvin and I had the opportunity to stay behind and live with the Ixcopal family as we worked on our Spanish and got to know this wonderful family even more. Pastor David, his wife Maria, their 11 kids, and 5 grandkids took us in as part of their family and the service and hospitality they showed to us was incredible. They cooked our food, washed our clothes, cleaned our rooms, washed our dishes, and rarely let us help them with any of it. Furthermore, the amount of joy with which they served was foreign to us Americans and contrasted against my frequent view of service as a burden accompanied by grumbling. The Ixcopales made us feel at home while the whole family (including the younger kids) graciously took the time to help us with our Spanish.

During this time of learning Spanish, Marvin was given the opportunity to preach at Pastor David Ixcopal’s church on the topic of Biblical forgiveness and we also had the chance to speak at a few other churches about the importance of reaching others with the Gospel. In addition, shortly after Marvin left, I was able to meet up with a team from Texas and travel with them to Chupel (a small, remote Achi village) to serve as a (bad) translator between them and the OR4 guys as we made home visits, taught Bible stories, and showed the Acts movie in Achi.

For the rest of my time in Guatemala, I was able to spend a lot of time with Hector, one of our local ministry partners with a heart for global missions. We got to know each other very well as I accompanied him on many trips to smaller villages, home visits, and church meetings. During meals and crowded bus rides he shared his dreams to become a missionary among Muslims in Asia or Africa and explained all he was doing to mobilize his community to spread the Gospel through Guatemala and to the ends of the earth.

Other than that, my time was spent teaching English, playing soccer with friends at night, and cheering on Latin America in the World Cup. Over the course of the summer Marvin’s and my Spanish improved a lot, I was moved by the generosity and the joy of a people who had much less material things than I, amazed by their service and hospitality, and encouraged by the heartfelt worship of our Achi brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thank you again for all the prayers, and continue to pray that God would keep doing great things in Guatemala.

Brandon Key

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