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Nov 6

Christmas Store 2014 is Here! Buy a Toy, Build a Bridge!

The DSC Christmas Store is the first step onto a bridge we’d like to build to the community.  The store is meant to help make Christmas morning a happier time as parents are able to give a gift or two to each of their children.  But it’s the gift of Christ that we hope they will one day discover as the true meaning of Christmas and our highest motive to help.

Parents in need of help come to Desert Springs to pick up a gift or two for each child in their home.  At the store we will invite them to take another step out onto this bridge called Money and Me.

Money and Me is a one evening/one day course designed to help folks learn new ways to earn, spend, and save so that they might become more independent. Money and Me also affords DSC members an opportunity to befriend these parents, to help them implement what they learn, and to build a genuine friendship.

We pray the Christmas store blesses families and that Money and Me helps them stand on their own two feet in the long run.  All of this is designed to help us build friendships with folks in our community and to one day introduce them to Jesus!

May the love and truth of Jesus go forth this Christmas.

We need help building the bridge (buying toys) and helping folks walk out onto it (volunteers for the store and the Money and Me course)

Can you buy a bunch of gifts? Can you volunteer to lead folks through the store? Can you sign up to be a Money and Me mentor?

You can sign up to help at any of the Christmas stores at the middle two kiosks in the foyer starting Sunday, November 9th.