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Dec 10

Praying for Living Water to Flow in Achi Land

Please pray with us for David, Kenny, and Gracyn:  One DSC grandpa, one DSC dad, and one DSC youth that are currently in Achi Land spreading the love of Jesus in the form of a “bucket filter” (mini water filter) designed by Sawyer and provided by gospel partners over at Viera Water Network.  Talks have been happening for over a year now about how DSC and Viera Water might be able to work together to bring clean water solutions to the poor (and many times sick) Achi folks.

Check out this video to learn more about how these filters work:

Sawyer Water filter video december 2014

A partnership vision trip was taken last summer, and a few pilot filters were installed.  We’ve been very pleased with how they are performing and Viera Water committed to sending down 50 more filters to be installed in the homes of Achi families.  These filters are designed to remove harmful bacteria that keep kids out of school and malnourished.  The filters are meant to last inevitably, as long as they are maintained properly with a daily backwash flush.

As our brother Eder Ixcopal from Achi Land has visited a dozen or so CGs, he’s shared the vision of having more of these filters distributed to families among his people as a ministry of the local churches.  In response, over $4000 has already been raised from DSC folks in this CG for future water filters.

If you’d like to give toward these water filters, simply go online here and designate your gift to “Guatemala projects” putting “water filters” in the memo line.  You can also use an envelope at church to designate your gift to “Achi water filters.”

By giving $50 for one water filter, you can ‘adopt’ an Achi family, and get a profile of the family so that you might be able to pray for their physical and spiritual health.  We will be collecting families profiles in the coming months, but you can start giving now.   We will keep track so that you are matched with a family.

Here are some fotos of our team of three in Achi land this week.  Please continue to pray that this mission be effective for the spread of God’s glory, broader and deeper.

Guat H2o dec 2014 04

Guat H2o dec 2014 03


Guat H2o dec 2014 02

Guat H2o dec 2014 01