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Jan 2

Clean Water in the Name of Christ

DSC members David Gregory and Kenny Grebe along with Gracyn Rush traveled to Achi land in early December to deliver water filters in the name of Christ.  David reports:

“Do you think the doctor can do something?” she asked as she showed me his wound.  The scar on his bottom was large and pronounced causing pain when he tried to run.  My eyes began to water as she told me that as a toddler, her son had fallen into a kettle of boiling water.  “Boiling is our way,” she told me, “to make contaminated water safe to drink.”

“All of the water in the San Miguel area is contaminated (bacteria and parasitic larva),” added Dr. Jacobo, “and is the source of constant diarrhea, vomiting and  intestinal parasites among children; also the women suffer from chronic respiratory illness resulting from inhaling smoke from indoor fires used to boil water.”

The cost of bottled water can be 25% of the family income and is unavailable for most.

This true story along with others untold is a constant way of life for the Achi villagers of San Miguel Chicaj.In early December, three DSC members spent 8 days in Guatemala, working alongside our partner and Community Health leader, Dr. Jacobo.  Together we shared the good news of Jesus and His care in every area of their lives –  mind, body and spirit.

And as a small demonstration of that Love, we provided bucket filters” to over 70 households in four separate villages. Most, if not all of us take clean water for granted, essentially an entitlement in the U.S.  Not so for the Achi. But each small filter will have a life-changing impact for the children, parents and extended family in a household, often up to 15 or more people. These filters (Sawyer 0.1 micron) were donated by Viera Water Network; if maintained, they last indefinitely.

We talked, laughed a lot, shared stories, greeted old friends and made new ones, laughed some more, attached filters to buckets, demonstrated their use and maintenance, and watched as an 11-year old girl from DSC play among her new Achi friends freely communicating without knowing/understanding the language.

There is one Lord and there is none like Him. He is sovereign over all the earth and the people therein! – David Gregory

You can give toward these clean water and gospel spreading efforts by giving online here, and designating your gift to “Guatemala Projects” then putting “water filters” in the memo line.  You can do the same using cash or check on any Sunday morning using an envelope at DSC.

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