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Feb 4

February 2015 Achi Pastors Conference Day – 2

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On Day 2  of the Achi Pastors Conference, Youth Minister Nathan updated us with the following:

Today was another great day in thinking about the sufficiency of God’s Word in preaching. Before we jump straight to application from our text, hard work is first required. I taught on the importance of exegesis (drawing out the meaning and structure of a given text). Clint then taught on moving from exegesis to theological reflection and why the Cross of Christ is necessary for our sermons; i.e., what makes our sermons different than a Jewish or Muslim sermon of the same text?

After two lively small group times and gathered Q&A sessions, Clint modeled how he would exegete and theologically reflect through Mark 8. After emphasizing that the emphasis of the text should be the emphasis of our sermon, one pastor approached us before dinner very humbled and thankful for the teaching. He said, “I have been pastoring for 8 years, but based on these principles of expositional preaching you are sharing with us, I don’t think I have ever truly preached God’s Word.” We encouraged him not to repent of past sermons, and that he was trying to be faithful to God and his people in the way that he was trained.

But at the same time, praise God for convincing you that His Word is profitable for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness. We can see light bulbs going off all day among these 50 pastors, and praise God for His work. And thank you for your diligent prayer. The eager reception from these men is undoubtedly in response to the prayers of his people.

Please continue to pray as I will teach tomorrow morning on Application. And please continue to pray for these pastors and the many churches they represent.

Feb 4

ISI Hiking and Sight Seeing Ministries

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This just in from ISI director Joan L.:

It’s time to get our hiking ministry going again for this semester.  This is an immensely popular program and students email me almost weekly asking how to get involved. We really need more hiking leaders.  If you are interested please let me know as soon as possible.  As a hiking leader, you would commit to leading 3 (or more) hiking/ sightseeing/ or special event trips this semester.  You would be given a list of students and then you plan your trip, send an email out to the students and let them know the details including how many students you have room for.

Then you do the trip with those that respond. If you are interested in helping with transportation, but not planning a trip, you can also sign up because drivers are always needed.  However, the main need is for people who are willing to plan a trip for a number of students. 

If you want to be involved, please go to to the Students Tab, then to Activities and events. Click the button that says HIKING AND EVENT SIGN UP.

What a fun way to make friends and share the love and truth of Jesus!

Email any questions to


Feb 3

February 2015 Achi Pastors Conference – Day 1

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Pastor Clint and Nathan, along with DSC member and translator Bart traveled this past Monday to work with 70 Achi Pastors.

Clint writes:

Thank you all for praying. The first half day of the pastors conference went well today. I taught on a basic definition of expositional preaching and the centrality of Gods word in the pastors ministry, and then Nathan gave an example of expositional preaching. Tomorrow we plan to teach through the steps of expositional preaching, and then walk through those steps on a sample text. There are 50 pastors in attendance, most of whom are Achi.



In the evenings we are teaching about sex, dating, and relationships for the young adult ministry. There were likely 100 youth there this evening. And they seemed really open to the teaching.


Bart has done a great job as always not just translating but connecting with people, relating well to them, and further explaining the concepts. Eder has of course been a super hero logistics maniac. He’s seriously like Trent but in three languages and the third world. The long day of driving, eating, and training ended with some football with the pastors. Can you tell which ones we are!?

Day1.4Please continue to ask God to lead us all here as we look into His word and what it says and what it means. We teach twice each tomorrow and once each Thursday before returning Friday, Lord wiling.