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Feb 21

Rabinal Achi Water Filter Update

2015 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Giving Opportunity,Global,Rabinal Achi

As you will recall earlier this month, Pastor Clint, Youth Minister Nathan and Bart traveled to Guatemala for a Pastors Conference and to distribute the Sawyer water filters purchased as an outreach component of Community Health Evangelism. Bart’s update on the conference:

The Lord does open doors and provides answers and direction. Past DSC water projects have effectively worked on community water supply projects. But we were not finding an acceptable and reproducible method to provide pathogen free water. Through David and Karen Gregory the Sawyer individual home water filters were made available to the Rabinal Achi and have been well received. The filters simple remove harmful microbes and provide clean drinking water; simple, effective and efficient.

DSC community groups have purchased numerous filters. Achi families can purchase these filters and the proceeds will go for the purchase of more. All Achi I’ve talked to believe this is a great deal and can easily recuperate their cost within 3 months and anticipate substantial family savings by not having to purchase clean water, fuel for boiling, and know they’ll have decreased pathogenic illnesses.

During the pastor’s conference, Dr. Jacobo presented the goals and mission of Community Health Evangelism (CHE). As part of CHE the value of clean water is emphasized. The Sawyer filters were demonstrated and when one “Gringo” threw out his coffee and drank two cups of filtered water the pastors were hooked. Those who were interested in purchasing a filter signed up for a personal visit and demonstration of the filters by Eder Ixcopal. God is in control and has provided a viable acceptable method to assist the Achi with clean water.