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Feb 28

Los Encuentros Weavers Microfinance Ministry Update

2015 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi

These scarves will be available at DSC for Mother’s Day, all proceeds assist the North Africa Missions.

During the February 2015 Pastors Conference in San Miguel Chicaj, Bart received a large order of handwoven scarves from the Microfinance weavers of Los Encuentros.  Bart kindly updated us on his visit with the Achi ladies last week:

Would we wait two and a half hours for an appointment? The Microfinance weavers of Los Encuentros gladly waited to deliver a large order from DSC of scarves and coin purses. Our beloved Dr. Jacobo and I had arrived late after slipping out of the final day of the pastor’s conference. Arriving at Silvia Sis’s home we met about 20 Achi ladies and many of their kids under Silvia’s small porch. Their patience and excitement was evident even for the mild manner Achi. It was a pleasure to meet up with familiar friends. Silvia was all business and quickly organized the returned goods to the appropriate owners. I asked a couple of ladies how they were able to fill the specific order of 80 shawls and 10 coin purses and if their fingers were worn out from weaving. Their answer was a surprise. Their fingers were not tired but their arms and shoulders were from the repetitive movement of the weaving board.

They wanted us to review their work in detail. Silvia had neatly organized the shawls into the requested specific patterns and colors. We found out that not all the color threads were available in nearby Salama and Silvia had travelled to Quezaltenango (over 5 hours away) to find and purchase the right threads. The shawls were gorgeous. Jacobo and I explained that the shawls would be offered to DSC members and some stores and the income would assist the North Africa Mission. Many of these ladies were pleased to know their work would help spread the gospel on the other side of the world. We spoke of business and supply and demand and asked that they pray that their goods would be sold and new orders would be placed.

We left at dusk and a sweet lady offered to carry the largest bag of shawls for us. She quickly balanced it on her head as she adjusted her 2 year old boy on her back and took her 4 year old girl’s hand. As we crossed the suspension foot-bridge the bag stayed balanced even as Jacobo and I swayed across. To see the Lord bless these ladies for their hard work was a privilege to know that Microfinance has helped them improve their lives and afford to keep their children in school.