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May 31

Achi May Mission 2015 Update #2

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On Saturday, we held clinics for the first time in El Llano.  We learned of El Llano a few years ago when Bart brought down some helpful tools for a young girl who was blind and needed help.

Orlando and Dania

Dania and her father,Rolando
This photo was taken during the Achi Mission Trip in 2013. Be sure to read how God used Dania and DSC to spread His glory broader and deeper.

Her father, Rolando, then asked for DSC’s help with a water project they had been planning as a community (about 14 families).  Dr. Jacobo helped us organize this as a CHE awareness project designed to show the community how healthy practices with appropriate and reproducible technology can increase health for many in the area.  Bart reported back in March that DSC missions funds had helped purchase materials for this project including the steel frame for the tower and the tanks that sit on top to store the water.  The local families provided the labor for digging the well, building the tower, running electricity, mounting the tanks, and running the transportation pipeline.

“This is a true partnership and development project that will bring good awareness to the need for more community projects.”   – Dr. Jacobo

A few from our team were able to visit some of the homes that have benefitted from this water project.  The families were so grateful because before the well, storage tank, and transportation pipes each of them had to haul water from the river up a steep hill to their homes.  But now, every other day, for about three hours, they are able to turn on the water to fill up their vats. Several of the these families also have the sawyer water filter  that helps make sure the water won’t get the kiddos sick.  Cleaner, and more water in the name of Jesus…  Thank you for praying and giving to Sola Aqua.

Verse 4 of Psalm 46 says that “there is a river whose streams make glad the city of God.”  Water is indeed the key to physical life bringing steady supply of food.  Similarly, the truth about and presence of God’s goodness, love and salvation are what make us glad both now and forever.  May God be worshipped more fully because of these acts of neighbor love.  Thank you for giving toward these water projects, and for participating in Sola Aqua each year!

Nico was finally able to find a small opening between houses to organize a futbol game with some of the Achis.  Hopefully this comforts them some as they wait to see a dentist or doctor.

On Friday evening Pam, Koren, Michelle and Karen represented the women’s ministry as they met with a couple of pastors’ wives.  The goal of this meeting and possible ministry is to encourage more Word centered woman to woman ministry in the local churches.  Our ladies found these pastors wives hungry to intake God’s word more for themselves and eager to share it with others in their church.  We are hoping to make some orders online tonight of the “Jesus Story Book Bible” as well as more Bible sticks.  If you’ve ever learned more about God’s word through the reading these well written children’s bibles to your children, or by simply listening to God’s word on your phone or a CD, then please consider paying it forward by sending one down to a believing family here among the Achi.  It’s important to remember that most older Achi women speak only Achi and cannot read, which means that unless their pastor preaches in Achi (which some do not) they are unable to take in God’s Word together or on their own.

May 29

Achi Mission May 2015

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Achi May Mission Team (Left to Right)
Cody, Paul, Taylor, Brent, Jacque, Jewel, Clint, Pam, Nico, Clint, Anna, Kimberly, Michelle, Karen, David, Koren, Frank, Michael



On Tuesday, May 26, Pastor Clint and the Achi Mission Team traveled to Guatemala City.  Please keep them in your prayers as they fellowship with our Achi brothers and sisters through medical clinics, dental clinics, physical therapy, and ongoing water projects this week:

Team Schedule
Wednesday, May 27:   The team traveled by bus to Achi land to get oriented with our Achi teammates.
Thursday, May 28:     Clinics in Buena Vista
Friday, May 29:     Clinics in San Francisco
Saturday, May 30:    Clinics in El Llano, El Llano Water Committee Meeting
Sunday, May 31:     Church at San Francicsco with Pastor David Ixcopal
Monday, June 1:     Clinics in Chicholom
Tuesday, June 2:     Clinic in Chicholom, travel to Antigua

Wednesday, June 3: Day off in Antigua

Thursday, June 4: Travel back home to Albuquerque


From Clint on May 29th:

Here are some photos from the first two days of clinics.  Both of which went very well.  We are praying that the temporary physical relief will remind those that know Jesus to trust in Him alone as their refuge and strength, and for those that do not know Him yet, that this service and proclamation of the gospel by the Achi believers with us will point them toward Jesus in a new and effective way.  From Him, and through Him, and to Him are all things, to Him be the glory forever!


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May 27

Testimonies from APH

Leticia Chavez-Paulette, Executive Director of A Peaceful Habitation, has shared a few testimonies from women who are personally encouraged by the APH Ministry. First, Linda Pena writes:

Linda Pena

It is with great honor that I have been provided the opportunity to work as the Administrative Assistant at A Peaceful Habitation.  To be able to witness how the Lord transforms lives, brings light where there was once so much darkness, and  joy to a tearful heart is so rewarding that no words can describe.  I have been blessed to be a part of the many lives who will walk through these doors.


Tresa Harris shares her testimony:


Tresa Harris

First I give honor to God, who is head of my life.  Giving him thanks for showing me years ago where He was going to take me, to A Peaceful Habitation.  In 2012, He put it on my heart while I was in jail.  By the time I moved to prison, I was reminded again of APH.  I know that it is only what you do for the Lord that will prosper.  I think Mrs. Leticia for obeying the spirit of God to open a place for women coming out of jail and prison.  Women need the support of other Christian women, and APH offers that support.  Again I thank God for the blessings of APH.  May God continue to bless APH and those who help support it.

Tina de Moss shares how the ministry of APH has blessed her:


Tina de Moss

I once again found myself in trouble and in jail.  I was running out of options and ideas. I had no clue what to do.  My case worker from the county jail gave me the information for A Peaceful Habitation.  I felt almost immediately this was where I was supposed to go.  Since coming to APH my relationship with Jesus Christ has flourished.  With the help of the leaders and the volunteers of APH, I am learning a new way to live.  I feel truly blessed to be here.

Please take a moment and visit the APH web page to view a 10-minute video about this amazing program, guaranteed to touch your heart:

Visit to learn more, or email to get involved.