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Update #3 from the Achi May Mission 2015

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We had a great day in church today worshipping along side our Achi hermanos y hermanas. After church we ordered pizza delivered to our host family’s house giving them the afternoon off from cooking our meals. We thanked God for them and prayed for each of them. What a wonderful family and friend we have in the Ixcopals! Please pray for them today (Monday) as we travel up the mountain to Chicholom where the Dental team plans to continue a pilot dental records project meant to bring awareness to this and other communities about the impact of dental health in children. In the photos below, if they have a name tag (some are hidden behind something they are carrying) then they are on our service/mission team. Eder does such a great job of rallying groups of young Achi guys to come and help on these projects. We’ve already made friendships with these guys and are eager to stay in touch with them.


Rony has helped tremendously with counseling and prayer as patients wait to be seen by the dentist or doctors.


Kim and Michelle hard at work, yet soft with touch to show they care.


Abner and Nico practicing their reading in English about Polar Bears.


Anna and this little one connecting at the montage scroll.


Silvia Sis is the champion Community Health Evangelist (CHE) in Los Encuentros, and she looks on as Koren helps folks with their posture via photos of them on her iPad.


Nico knows what it’s like to have teeth needing some work, so he’s learning here to comfort just as he’s been comforted.


First timer Frank from DSC has stepped up in a big way helping Dr. Brent with three way translation (English to Spanish to Achi to Spanish to English!)

IMG_2091 (1)

Hector also helping with the counseling and prayer.


Cody has been vitally important to the team and clinics as well.


Neftali and Misael have handled all the registration so far. Misael has also helped quite a bit with Koren in Physical therapy.


Irma invited us to join her advanced English class for an hour and a half. We all introduced ourselves, fielded questions, and then broke up into small groups to help them with pronunciation and sentence formation in conversation.


Friends are made on the field.


Jewel preparing a water filter system as part of Sola Aqua.


Our DSC team standing with several folks from El Llano, including the land donor and Water Committee president (Navy shirt in the middle, Orldando) at the ending of a celebration honoring God for the partnership we’ve been blessed with and the water coming from this well and storage tank for the 13 families.