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Jun 10

June 2015 Achi Pastors Training Day 1

2015 | by Clint | Category: Global,Prayer,Rabinal Achi,Training

On Sunday night Pastor Clint and a few other DSC members shared dinner with over 70 church leaders. Clint writes:

Monday morning we began this our second pastoral training among the Achi pastors in 2015.

The topic of this training is the local church.

1. The marks of the true church.

2. The marks of the healthy church.

3. The purpose of the local church (worship, community and mission).

Here are some photos from today:


DSC member Brett Landis teaches on the nature, importance of, and elements of worship in the local church. Think ‘adoration of God in Christ through all of life and belief in response to the gospel.’


Dr. David Sills from Southern Seminary and Reaching and Teaching Ministries teaches the marks of the true church.

Please continue to pray for these 50+ pastors and other 20+ church leaders. We pray that their understanding of the nature and purpose of the local church will grow through this teaching and that they will be encouraged in their ministries by God’s Spirit, through God’s Word.