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Aug 21

APH Summer 2015 Update

Leticia Chavez-Paulette, Executive Director at APH, is gearing up for their annual “A Peaceful Habitation Fashion Show” in October. A Peaceful Habitation (APH), one of our supported missions, extends Christ’s unconditional love, hope, and safe, drug and alcohol free transitional housing for women who are re-entering society from an institutional setting. APH’s goal is to teach the Word of God as well as assist these women to become independent, God-centered, contributing members of society. Leticia shares a summer update below:APH1APH2APH3APH4APH5APH6APH7APH8APH9

Be sure to mark your calendar for Saturday, October 24 to attend the Fall Fashion Show. To support this ministry or for more information go to


Aug 18

Check Out What’s Happening at Love INC

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Aug 14

Barrera Bulletin – August, 2015

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Rodrigo and Carol Barrera have sent us an update on their summer travels to Albuquerque and Laredo as well as prayer requests for upcoming conferences and Rodrigo’s surgery. Carol writes:

Vacation Bible School in Albuquerque

VBS picDesert Springs Church in Albuquerque provided us with the opportunity to speak to 400 children at their Vacation Bible School in July. Through our six sessions, our goal was to plant a seed in them that would grow as they realized that every single Christian is to play a part in completing God’s mission for the world.

VBSDuring our ten days in Albuquerque we met with dozens of people who have been to the Achí area in Guatemala on short term outreaches. We shared memories, made plans and looked forward to continued ministry with them and the Achí people. In particular, several of the DSC women brainstormed with me about ways to work with Achí women in deepening their own spiritual lives and sharing the Good News with family and neighbors.

Family in Laredo

VBS 2Before heading back to Cheyenne, we took a little “detour” to see Rodrigo’s mother in Laredo, TX. In the photo are two of Rodrigo’s siblings. We got to see two of his nephews as well. We were able to talk on the phone with other of his family members.


Rodrigo waxed eloquent in sermons at the church of his mother and the church of his sister. It was a joy and a release to him to be able to share in Spanish again.

Guatemalan Connections

We were blessed with good fellowship through Guatemalan connections all along the way.  In Colorado we spent the night at the home of Bible translator colleagues from Guatemala, Don and Joyce Iden and their son Brent, our daughter’s first boy friend (at age five.)  In Oklahoma we shared over 1) lunch with Ernesto Fernández, who has taught seminars in Guatemala and would like to do so again, 2) supper with pastor Dr. Scotty Thomas and his wife Alice Faye, dear friends who have supported us for many years, and 3) breakfast with Hector Cano, a Guatemalan FB friend whom we were meeting in person for the first time.  In Texas we spent several hours with Gene and Irma Howard, who have supported Bible translation and outreach projects in Guatemala for years.  Finally, in Kansas we spent the night with Sheldon and Rachel Van Amburg.  His mother was one of our early supporters.  His  sister married a Guatemalan lawyer who did work for us and the Guatemala branch we worked with.  One of the grandsons of that lawyer was part of the pastoral team that held a leaders’ conference in San Miguel this past June!  So wherever we went on this over 3,000-mile road trip, we didn’t get away from Guatemala.

We praise God for traveling mercies.  My back held up pretty well with the help of Tai Chi at rest areas and water exercise whenever I was near a pool.  We had only one mishap with our car which involved a tire rim and caused us to spend an extra day in Laredo.  It happened on a very busy loop and was potentially dangerous, but a policewoman blocked lanes of traffic so we could get the car to a parking lot.  Another policeman and a couple of strangers helped change the tire.  Rodrigo’s brother-in-law arrived on the scene and helped us get air in the spare, which was flat. And Rodrigo’s sister went all over Laredo with him looking for replacement rims.

Coming and current events to put on your prayer calendars

This very week the seven teams from seven Mayan languages are meeting with international consultants in Guatemala City to go over their translations of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther.  I really wanted to be present for that.  The next such workshop is in October.  Will we be back in Guatemala by then?  We did get a call from the Wyoming senator’s assistant we contacted just before our trip regarding Rodrigo’s residency application.  She told us she had called the immigration office in Denver and put in a good word for us.  She was told that we should be called for an interview within 30-90 days.

Finally, Rodrigo is scheduled for cataract surgery in Colorado on Tuesday, August 18th.

We would appreciate prayer for 1) the Translation workshop at which the Achí Old Testament translation team is represented, 2) Rodrigo’s residency application which has to be approved before we can travel to Guatemala and 3) his cataract surgery next week.

You all are the greatest–we are so blessed for your many kindnesses to us, your interest in and support of Bible translation among the Achí people of Guatemala.

Rodrigo and Carol


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