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Mar 18

Barrera Bulletin – March, 2016

2016 | by Clint | Category: Global,Missionary Care,Rabinal Achi

Items of Praise:

Rodrigo’s February trip to Guatemala is now a happy memory —

1) of the Pastors’ Training Conference with leaders from Desert Springs Church in Albuquerque, two pastors from Guatemala City and dozens of pastors from the Achí area.


2) of the house full of visitors every day he was there from morning to night, providing opportunities to encourage, counsel and pray for people. Two young ladies made decisions to follow Christ.


3) of his preparing breakfasts three times, twice for the leaders of the Pastors’ Conference and once for the group of young people that Eder is discipling.




Prayer requests:

1) for the recording NOW IN PROGRESS of the first five books of the Old Testament in Achi! This is a project that involves technicians from the Christian recording studio Viña and a number of Achí readers.


2) For the checking of the book of Psalms in Achí. I (Carol) work on that almost daily via Internet. The next group checking session will be in May, with the focus being on Psalms 51-100. What a privilege for me to delve into this inspired poetry in four languages–English, Spanish, Achi and Hebrew! Waiting for the day when this will be available to all of the Achi people!

3) My broken hip has mended from the fall I had last October. My shoulder has a ways to go yet. Pray for clarity as to whether it will need surgery.

4) Finally, this week Rodrigo bought tickets for our two-month trip to Guatemala April 21 to June 22, and this time I get to go! As well, our good friend Beth Meier from New Mexico plans to travel with us and stay with us for the about a week and a half. She will be a great help to me and will get to visit her many Achi friends. (She and her husband and three daughters have all made trips to the Achí area over the years.)

You who have prayed and given so faithfully all these years for the Achi translation are a vital part of the work. May your investment reap rich dividends for eternity.

Rodrigo and Carol