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Jul 1

Guatemala 101 – 2007

2007 | by Clint | Category: Global,Rabinal Achi,Trips

Paradox Youth and Family Ministry went on a Guatemala 101 trip in June 2007. For most of us, it was our first missions trip outside of the US. The group spent most of the time working with Hector, a locally-born resident who is a DSC missionary that is now called to serve his home town in a youth ministry called Operation R4 which stands for Restoration, Relationship, Reconciliation, and Rescue. We walked the town praying for schools, churches, and people. Another outreach activity was soccer. We would play a few games then Greg would preach in Spanish to everyone. At first, the street kids were wary of us and did not want to talk or mix with us probably because we were Americans. But after a while they knew we were there just to serve so they accepted us. The Mayan-Achi people are a very loving people. As we went from house to house, we had to be mindful of the time because if we arrived near eating time, they would start bringing out food to feed everybody. Hector told us that what they would serve would be the food for the entire family for a week. We visited schools and handed out toothbrushes.

On each Sunday and throughout the week, we went to different churches. We did this not only to experience the religious culture in San Miguel Chicaj but also to “spread ourselves around.” There is much competition amongst the churches in San Miguel so we did not want to be the source of boasting. In fact, this is an area that the Lord is leading Hector to invest in. He has a heart to see all the churches come together in unity. In one church, it was very hot up on the stage but that did not stop the preacher from talking for an hour, probably losing 10 pounds in the process! It was a glorious thing to see God’s family worshipping in a different language in a different country. We truly are one church.

One day we decided to serve the community by cleaning up the town square. As we picked up trash, we got many unusual looks. The mayor noticed what we were doing and was so excited that he sent a truck to take the bags away. We heard from many people later that they wanted to start doing the same thing that the Americans were doing.

We got to visit Rodrigo and Carol Barrera, the Wycliffe translators who were leading the effort to translate the New Testament into the Rabinal Achi language. The group was sitting around a table with many translations and commentaries while they went word-by-word through the Bible. We also visited David and his family. David is a local pastor and missionary that has a house church in addition to traveling throughout the hills to evangelize the many small villages. DSC had helped build a larger facility a couple years earlier to house his family (11 kids) and the church. He inscribed our church’s name at the front door as a thanks. They also had gifts for all of us.

We ended our time together with a bonfire with all of our new friends. One of the local boys took over and led many games for all of us to play. God showed us that His family is far-reaching and much bigger than our myopic Albuquerque view. His love reaches every small village and every life. Going to Guatemala showed us how great out God is!