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Sep 12

September 2012 Ministry and Prayer Update from Hector Hernandez

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As part of our Rabinal Achi Partnership, DSC works alongside Hector Hernandez and Eder Iscopal, two young Achi men who love Jesus and love to share the gospel with their own people and others around the world.  These men started a youth organization called OR4, which stands for Organization of the 4 R’s.  The four R’s stand for: Relationship, Rescue, Restoration, and Reconciliation.

Hector sharing the vision of the short term Mission project to panama

Our recent young adult missions team was blessed to work along side Hector, Eder, and the entire OR4 ministry team to visit villages, pray for folks, and share the truth and love of Jesus with them.

Hector sends us ministry and prayer updates periodically.  This one just came in:

How are you dears friends?

I’m again sending you some news about me and the God´s ministry in San Miguel and others villages.

I am currently visiting different churches in Baja Verapaz to promote short-term mission trip to Panama from November 15 to December 15 this year. As always, the situation is not very encouraging when I hear people get discouraged because of the cost. Still I’m hoping to gather about 15 people to realize this project. Several young people have shown interest in the trip, but besides having some financial trouble, they are having difficulty getting permission from parents and some to get their documents such as a passport or being underage.

Our goal is to promote the vision and action of being a missionary. Part of the plan is that those who join us for this mission trip would receive training as part of the plan the course “Biblical Stories,” a tool that we can use to evangelize and disciple people of Nobe Bugle indigenous region in Panama.

Among other activities …

  • Eder, still working at St. Agnes with the youth of the Nazarene Church in the plan of discipleship. Alfredo Canahui is supporting him in carrying out activities with biblical teaching and recreational in the children’s ministry.
  • Daniel and Jeremiah are in charge of the meeting on Friday on the Cancha (public basketball/soccer court), unfortunately this has not been satisfactory for us because it has been very difficult to bring together young people. Now we are developing a strategic plan for youth to come and we can serve them and minister to recreate a time with them.
  • Last Sunday in OR4 was able to help the ministry of pastors and churches of San Miguel Chicaj joined in celebrating the “Day of the Bible.” I include some pictures.


The Achi Band ready to celebrate The Day of the Bible in San Miguel Chicaj


The Day of The Bible celebration!

Please pray for:

1.     Lord’s wisdom and guidance to develop the project mission and ministry in general OR4, for the glory of His name.

2.      For my finances and the finances of the other people who want to be part of the mission project and that God will open doors according to the needs of other stakeholders.

I’m praying for you.

In Christ,  Hector Hernandez  Operation R4 San Miguel Chicaj