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Sep 25

Please Pray for Baby Sherly

2012 | by Clint | Category: Prayer,Rabinal Achi

This past summer, The Well young adult mission to the Achi spent some time in a small village called Santa Ines.

The Well team leader, Deacon Marvin G. of DSC writes:

Pastor Rene Mendoza is a Nazarene Pastor in the village of Santa Ines. Eder Ixcopal and OR4 have been ministering to Pastor Rene and Santa Ines for more than a year now.  They have seen great fruit and they have seen clear evidence of spiritual warfare as well.

This past summer, the young adult mission team from DSC, along with OR4 from San Miguel, had the privilege of ministering with sports, praise, worship, children’s and young adult ministries to Santa Ines.  We also were able to do a number of home visits and pray with a number of families.  Santa Ines is very remote from San Miguel so it was necessary to stay overnight in the village.  Pastor Rene hosted us in his humble, but very warm home and provided meals. This was a very blessed time for all of us and we were able to watch Pastor Rene minister to his congregation and to the village of Santa Ines.  He is a very warm and loving and very, very fun pastor; very much loved by his congregation.  This was a very special time for us from DSC, to see the love of Christ modeled in such a loving manner.  We all walked away closer to Christ and in love with Pastor Rene and his family.  And it was clear why OR4 had a passion for Santa Ines.

Now that we have returned from Guatemala and we have found out that the youngest daughter of the Mendoza family, Sherly (9 months old), has what seems to be a congenital heart problem and her health has been deteriorating.  She has been been seen by hospitals in Salama and Guatemala City, without resolution. Eder has brought this to DSC as a prayer request and several DSC members have been involved in seeking possible solutions for baby Sherly.  At least three M.D.’s at DSC are currently tracking with Sherly’s health and working multiple possible solutions for her and her family.

Pastor Rene Mendoza and his family, including his 9 month old, Sherly.

Please pray for:

  • Comfort and God’s provision for the Mendoza family
  • The health and comfort for baby Sherly Mendoza
  • Wisdom and grace for medical staff and facilities in Guatemala
  • For financial provision for the Mendoza family as they continue to seek help for Sherly
  • For opportunities that are being pursued by physicians in DSC to open up as God sees fit to be glorified in restoring the health