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Apr 23

Western Indian Ministries’ (WIM) 75th Anniversary! Volunteers Needed…

Looking for a great family or community group summer mission project?


Western Indian Ministries (WIM) is currently planning their 75th Anniversary celebration for July 25-28.  And they need a lot of volunteer help to pull it off in a way that honors God for His work over the years.  To learn more about this history, visit the WIM Timeline page.

Chuck and Cindy Harper, our missionaries in residence to Native America say:

“Our goal is to give glory to God for drawing people to Himself in Native America, by honoring the past, celebrating the present with the community of believers, and praying for great things in the future.”

There is something for just about anyone who wants to volunteer:

  • Airport pick up of Program Guests on July 25, 26 and return July 27, 28 (can be done by 2 or 3 drivers)
  • Shuttling people back and forth from WIM to the Navajo fairgrounds daily during celebration
  • Set up and Take down of tables and chairs
  • Clean up of facilities during and after
  • Babysitting infants during main sessions
  • Feeding volunteers during set up and take down
  • Feeding volunteers from DSC
  • Coordinate volunteers from DSC
  • Getting donations of concessions, paper products, etc, to be sold
  • Selling concessions, T-shirts, logo products for WIM
  • Ministering to children during sessions with crafts, Bible stories, puppets, etc.
  • Security and Safety teams to patrol fairgrounds and assess injuries, manage emergencies
  • Welcome team to help decorate and show visitors where to go
  • Parking attendants during general sessions
  • Printing T-shirts
  • Addressing and mailing flyers to Native churches and friends of WIM, between now and the celebration
  • Send invitations to exhibitors, accept RSVP’s and prepare exhibit area with tables, pipe and drape, etc.

If you would like to be involved, email cindy@nativeyouth.com or call 250-5696.