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Jul 24

Pray and Eat for SNAP: A Reminder

Monday night was a full moon.  When you look up at it, glory in God’s creation, and then remember that this full moon marked the half way point of Ramadan.  Be sure to pray for Muslims each day during this, their holy month of prayer.  Their prayers fall on deaf ears of an imaginary god.  A god that at first glance sounds like the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and of Jesus.  But upon further inspection we find that the god of the Qu’ran is not our heavenly father, who sent his only begotten son to take away our sins through faith and repentance. We pray this good news reaches them.  And we pray God grants them faith in this truth.

In the meantime, while we remain faithful in prayer, consider grabbing some Chikin at Chick-Fil-A on Montgomery and San Mateo this Thursday (July 25th) between 5-8PM.  A percentage of the sales will go to support SNAP.