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Dec 16

Barrera Bulletin for December 2013

2013 | by Clint | Category: Global,Rabinal Achi

From the Barreras on December 7th, 2013

At the time of our last bulletin on September 10th, we were facing the unknown challenges of four trips: to California, New Mexico, the Arabian peninsula and Guatemala. The fourth trip, our return to Guatemala is upon us.  But before I give you a request about that, I want to I praise God for bringing us safely through three of those trips.  He blessed us with wonderful times at churches, at the Scoliosis clinic and in the homes of many friends and family.  In the process, we became excited about missions all over, just as we did over 40 years ago when God first led us into missions. (See photo of one encounter with a great group of children and youth in California.)  We were welcomed with gracious hospitality and encouraged in our walk with our Lord through stimulating conversations centered on the Word and the way God is active in our lives.

God wonderfully supplied the funds for my appointment with three days at a scoliosis clinic.  I was fitted for a new brace and given intensive training in breathing and posturing exercises to strengthen the underused muscles and relieve the strain on the over-used muscles. I will need a lot of discipline to comply with the regime.  To recheck the brace, determine if I am doing the exercises correctly and learn new exercises, I need follow-up exams.  There is a possibility that I can see the same doctor I saw in California when he holds a clinic this coming February in Denver.    Our visit to Albuquerque coincided with the world famous Balloon Festival (see photo).

Our visit to the Arabian peninsula coincided with the winning bid of Dubai for the 2020 Expo.  But best of all were the sweet times with our churches and our daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren, whom we had not seen for almost two and a half years.  We were able to give a presentation at our granddaughters international school about Mexico, attend swim meets they participated in, see the surreal architecture of that part of the world and attend a church where 40 different congregations of many nationalities with a total of over 15,000 people, meet weekly.

If winter weather doesn’t delay us, we should be back in our beloved Guatemala on December 10th.  We are gearing up with our Achí, Guatemalan and Albuquerque co-workers for a conference with pastors and their wives that is scheduled for the January 6-8. The topic will be on how pastoral couples can serve and build each other up–something that is often pushed to the side in the busyness of “doing church”.  Many of the Achí women have a low estimate of their value in the kingdom of God, and we would love to see that change.  We need your prayers and support as much as ever now that our needed six-month time in the USA has come to a close.  We will be writing again as soon as we get back to our San Miguel home and our beloved friends and co-workers there.

Rodrigo and Carol

UPDATE:  The Barreras made it safely home to Guatemala on December 10th.  Praise God with us for answering prayers and keeping them safe and strong through out this furlough and traveling.  May God continue to use them mightily among the Rabinal Achi as they spread the Word of God!

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