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Dec 26

Christmas Store 2013 by the Numbers

2013 | by Clint | Category: Christmas Store

This year’s Christmas store was a huge success!  Thanks and praise be to God our Father, and to Jesus Christ!

Christmas Store 2013 by the numbers:

Desert Springs Store:  121 Families served (double last year).  55 folks signed up for our Money and Me basic budgeting course in February, and 40 said they’d like to know more about Christ.  Please pray that many will come for financial counseling help in February, and that this will open the door to more spiritual conversations.

Good News Church near Houk, Arizona:  63 Families served, representing about 100 children.  DSC and Good News folks were both blessed to be a blessing to families in need this Christmas.

Cedar Hill Church (Navajo) near Counselor, New Mexico:  53 Families took advantage of the store, selecting gifts for 163 children.  Local church leaders tell us that most of the families were new to the church.  Volunteers from Desert Springs served alongside the Cedar Hill congregation members to love folks that needed help this Christmas.

East Central Ministries Store:  59 Families were served.

Juntos (Navigators) Store:  54 kiddos went through the store to get gifts for their families.  12 DSC volunteers setting up, running the store, restocking, making cookies, etc.