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Mar 24

Beards for SNAP

2014 | by Clint | Category: Giving Opportunity,Global,North Africa (SNAP)

As part of our second annual SPRING for SNAP, we are trying something new this year.

Beards logo

Men, can you grow a beard?  If so, consider growing one, not in vain (or simply for vanity sake), but with a purpose toward spreading God’s glory broader and deeper among the nations!  Who knew your beard could be a grown for the glory of God!?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get Registered this week: www.desertspringschurch.org/beards
  2. Get Pledges from friends and family by printing off this form: www.desertspringschurch.org/beards_pledge
  3. Come to the “Mob Shave” on Saturday March 29th, at DSC at 9AM for some breakfast burritos and some prayer for our Sunrise North Africa Partnership (SNAP).  Bring your razor, shaving cream, and a towel so that we can get a fresh BEFORE group photo.  If you cannot make Saturday, that’s ok, you can still participate.
  4. Grow that Beard as long as you can stand it (or until 6 months)
  5. Follow and share in the shenanigans on twitter @KeepABQbeard
  6. Get that beard measured.  And take a photo for your pledged folks.
  7. Shave it off (or into a cool design).
  8. After shaving, collect your pledged donations in person or point them to www.desertspringschurch.org/beard_pay

That’s it!  Who’s in?  Get registered!Ian beard no cream

Email your questions to global@desertspringschurch.org.