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Jul 1

Puerto Penasco Mexico – 2007

2007 | by Clint | Category: Global,Trips

In June of 2007, Paradox Youth and Family Ministry took a group of mid and high school to Puerto Penasco, Mexico for a camp that included teaching, worship, and service. Driving to the coastline where we would be staying for the week, we encountered shacks located next to the train tracks where the poor lived in plain view of the excesses of the resorts in the distance. It was a sobering start to our week, but one that prepared us for our visit to the foster care home where we would be serving.

The coastline was beautiful and we were blessed to have accommodations right on the beach. We enjoyed fun, worship, teaching, and study. For a service to the vacationers, we spent a couple hours cleaning up the beach.

Driving to the foster home, we were unsure what to expect. It was obvious to us that this was a forgotten segment of society. Even plants refused to grace this dry, featureless landscape. Probably many of us assumed we would encounter a dirty and unkempt house with children in much need. What we found was the polar opposite. Esperanza Children’s Home was a loving and beautiful home that could easily be characterized as an oasis of God’s love and provision. As is common when God calls us to serve those in need, we were blessed in a huge way. Even in the middle of the Sonoran desert in an out-of-the-way corner of Mexico, God showed us His grace. It was such a picture of our own lives with God.