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May 29

Amazing Day in Guatemala

2016 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Prayer,Rabinal Achi

Here is a field update from Guatemala. A small group of Desert Spring members are working on training locals about the importance of water filtration and how to use the Sawyer water Filters. Here is a short update from David and another from Eder about the group’s experiences:

While I seldom email while in country, today I am making an exception as it was a fairly amazing day. Our team visited two areas quite a distance from each other. Our first visit was in the church in Chilajon and pastor Fabian Gonzales.
More than 25 women attended the presentation and instruction on use and care of the Sawyer water filters. Perhaps the most eager group so far. I do not know how many Quetzales (currency) were paid but it was clear they understand and appreciate the sustainability of using the money they pay to, in turn, purchase more filters for their neighbors.


This afternoon we slugged up the mountain to San Rafeal, beyond Santa Rita. While fewer women attended the meeting in the school where Byron teaches, they all were very enthusiastic about the prospect of have safe water for their families. The icing on the cake was when one of the women asked to receive Christ Jesus as Lord, confessing sin and accepting Christ’s atonement. Please pray for her. Today’s visit may have planted the seed that leads to more opportunity for The Gospel.


Thanks to all at DSC who support us in prayer.

Dios les Bendiga
Hermano David

From Eder:
The team is visiting some villages sharing the gospel through the water filter project, talking  not only about physical needs but also spiritual needs. Telling the people about how we need pure water for health and how we need Jesus to satisfy our spiritual needs, Jesus as Savior.

While they are visiting the villages they are meeting people with different spiritual needs. Yesterday, they met a woman with strong faith. She was struggling with her husband because she couldn’t get pregnant. Her strong faith made her to believe in a miracle but her husband hit her for a long time.  Her request to God everyday was for a baby and God let her to have a baby. She shares her testimony every time she can which encouraged the team and the rest of the people in the meeting.  Stories like this one make it easier in sharing the Gospel.

The team is doing well and continue to encourage the people to look for Jesus as Savior.


Please continue to pray for the work the Lord is doing in Guatemala. So much is going on during this time with the Barreras return to San Miguel, the Water Filteration Project, a Medical Team trip beginning this coming week, a Pastors Training in mid-June, as well as the many things our local church partners in this area are doing.  May the Lord move mightily for His glory in “Achi-land”!