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Rabinal Achi Partnership

For the latest happenings with our Rabinal Achi Partnership click here.

Since 2004, God has given us a heart for the Rabinal Achi. It began through our partnership with Carol and Rodrigo Barrera to finish the Achi New Testament translation. It has since flourished into a full blown partnership to spread God's glory broader and deeper through financial support, deep friendship, loving service, and committed prayer.

In the context of this growing relationship with the Achi church, God has clearly moved in us to deepen our partnership. Along with helping to financially undergird the New Testament translation, recording, and distribution, we long to be used by God to help equip the church through leadership training and loving service.

With the completion of the New Testament in 2010, the Barreras have helped to form an indigenous Old Testament translation team. We are committed to supporting the Barreras as they seek to spread the New Testament far and wide as well as consult with the Old Testament translators.

Other initiatives in Guatemala include helping our Achi brothers and sisters identify problems and seek solutions in the areas of clean water resources, medicine, sanitation, and even micro-business loans.

This ministry of word and deed is called Community Health Evangelism (CHE). CHE is a holistic ministry approach to increase physical health in an effort to build relationships for gospel proclamation. We work with Dr. Jaime Jacobo Pineda and his wife Jannette of Guatemala to do medical clinics, dental clinics, physical therapy home visits, as well as clean water projects and micro business loans and education.

As you can see by the pyramid below, CHE on the village level offers much more opportunity for disciple making than a hospital located in a larger town or city. Dr. Jacobo seeks to educate villagers so that they can prevent 95% of their health problems without needing a hospital. This allows the hospitals to focus on the truly serious diseases. As the villagers learn to prevent more disease, Dr. Jacobo points them to the gospel as the ultimate healing in relationship to God through Jesus.

When it comes to CHE, we want to partner with the Achi to relieve suffering, especially eternal suffering. So although we do care about people and their physical health, we see that as a means to loving them and pointing them to Jesus.

CHE Pyramid
Get Involved
Humbly bring your thanksgiving, praises, and requests to God.

  • Pick up an Achi prayer guide and lift up the daily prayer emphasis.

  • Form a Guatemala prayer team.

  • Sign up for the Guatemala email list to get news and prayer updates.

Learn to know and love the Rabinal Achi of Guatemala.

  • Research Guatemala and its indigenous peoples, especially the Rabinal Achi.

  • Buy or print a map of Baja Verapaz and locate some of the villages where Desert Springs Church (DSC) teams and partners are working.

  • Have one of the Guatemala leadership teams visit your home group or ministry to share information about the Achi people, and share about DSC's current work and vision there.

  • Buy or order goods made by an Achi women's weaving cooperative. Display them in your home or office as a reminder to pray or give them as a gift.

Your gifts designated to Guatemala will be used to...

  • Contribute to a scholarship for young Achi people in higher education studying medicine, engineering, etc.

  • Help kick start our water resource, micro-business, and medical initiatives in San Miguel.

  • Sponsor a student or teacher at the San Miguel Baptist School.

  • Pay for or donate a plane ticket for a DSC short-term missionary to Guatemala.

Take the message and love of Christ with you to Guatemala.

  • Join a short-term team to San Miguel Chicaj.

    1. March/May – Medical and Dental Trip

      Are you a Doctor? Dentist? Dental Hygienist? Nurse? Physician Assistant? Physical therapist? If you have any experience in a medical field, prayerfully consider joining us for a one week trip in March.

    2. Sola Aqua Water Trip – TBA

      Each fall we send a handful of men and women to Achi land to partner with Dr. Jacobo and the Achi believers in loving their neighbors through deed, and speaking the gospel in word. We seek to help Achi communities identify water quality, quantity, and transportation issues, as well as empower them to find a solution and execute it. If you can pick up a shovel, inventory supplies, or serve in a number of other ways on the fly, then this trip is for you. Come and get your hands dirty for Jesus, and for His glory among the Achi.


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