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Music Blog

Mar 25

Desert Springs Church Sunday Recap, March 24, 2019

2019 | by Drew Hodge | Category: Sunday Recap

Carissa & Ben Photography

Welcome to the Sunday recap for Desert Springs Church! We will be posting an overview of the songs and liturgy of our weekly service. Each song will have lyric, chord chart and mp3 (where available) attached. I hope it is a blessing.

Song of Preparation – Ancient of Days – lyric, chord chart, mp3


Call to Worship – Psalm 34:1-3

Immortal Invisible – lyric, chord chartmp3

Kyrie (Lord Have Mercy) – lyricchord chartmp3

Before the Throne – lyricchord chartmp3

Oh How Good It Is – lyricchord chartmp3

Pastoral Prayer

Ancient of Days – lyric, chord chart, mp3


Sermon – Ryan Kelly preached in our series though the book of Exodus. This weeks sermon was titled, “God v. the gods, Round 2. from Exodus 8:20-9:12. Listen and watch here.

Hallelujah, What A Savior – lyricchord chartmp3

Benediction – Ephesians 1:7