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Register: 2018 Exposition Workshop

Register Now for the 2018 Workshop

  • October 17-19, 2018 | Desert Springs Church | Albuquerque, NM

  • Additional information about the workshop can be viewed here or read additional information below.

  • For any questions, please email Asher Griffin.

The Charles Simeon Trust

The Charles Simeon Trust, an organization focused on training the next generation of Bible expositors, hosts workshops on biblical exposition in many locations throughout the year. DSC has been a host site for workshops for many years and we're grateful for this partnership with The Charles Simeon Trust.

Each year at DSC, a 3-day workshop occurs to encourage and equip men to better explaining God's Word. Below are information and resources for men who have attended the workshop in Albuquerque.

Below are links to Simeon Trust resources which were used during the 2017 workshop.

Below is a link to a map of men who came to the 2017 workshop. Ways to use this map:

  • Encourage brothers in ministry who are near you

  • Pray for the building up of nearby preachers

  • Visit and network with like-minded ministers

Link to the Map