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Lord's Supper Service
Wednesday, October 25

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Texas Disaster Relief
Give Online
We are raising money for a small church in Beaumont, Texas whose worship center was heavily damaged by the hurricane. They are going to have to replace the sheetrock, carpet, pews, and musical equipment. Please pray that God encourages them during this trial and that this would lead to them growing in Christ-likeness. Donations can be made though a giving envelope marked for "Disaster Relief", or you can go to the "Give" page and select "Disaster Relief".
Missions Emphasis Week
October 22-25, 2017
Sunday, October 22 through Wednesday 25 is this year's Missions Emphasis Week. This will include a silent auction starting Sunday in the West Wing (all proceeds go towards North African Missions), other activities that same Sunday, and ending with a missions focus for the Lord's Supper and the close of the silent auction on Wednesday. Come prepared to learn, pray, and consider new ways to get involved in the spread of the gospel. If you are interested in donating an item or service to the silent auction, or would be interested in volunteering in some capacity, please contact Alicia Whitacre. Deadline for donations is Friday, October 13.
Men's Huddles
Join Us
Attention men! Now's a great time to jump into one of our two morning Huddles with both starting new studies in early October. There's a Friday morning group meeting at 6:00 AM, resuming their study on 1 and 2 Corinthians. Email crestonk@gmail.com for information on the Friday group. The Saturday morning group meets at 8:00 AM and will begin a new topic study in systematic theology. Email David Pugh for information on the Saturday group.
Why Attend a Community Group?
Join Anytime
God did not intend for us to do life on our own. God created us to live in relationship and community with other Christians. Those relationships are where we grow, are cared for, encouraged, find comfort, are exhorted, and where we can flesh out and deal with the issues of life. It's where Christ centered friendships are forged and deepened. It's where we challenge each other to live for the glory of God and not our own. It's where we study God's word and ask questions. It's where we are challenged to live and proclaim the gospel to those God brings into our lives.

For more information stop by the Community Group kiosk after either service or check out the groups map.
Get Connected with Email
E-Newsletter and Blogs
There are great ways to stay connected at DSC. The E-Newsletter, published once each month, features articles on the things we're doing and growing in together at DSC. Several blogs are also published on a regular basis - General, Missions, or Music. Subscribe to any of these email connections by using the Communications Card portion of the bulletin and dropping it off in an offering box or at the DSC's "Subscribe" page.
Praying for You, Praying with You – DSC Prayer Force
Email a Request and/or Join Us
The DSC Prayer Force is a dedicated group of DSC members committed to praying for you. If you have a prayer request, email the Prayer Force. Your request will be forwarded to the Prayer Force, and handled with the greatest of care, prayer, and confidentiality. Requests can also be submitted by calling the church office at 505.797.8700, or by filling out the Communication Card and dropping it into the boxes in the back of the Worship Center. If you would like to join the Prayer Force, send an email to the Prayer Force.
This Week's Schedule
October 15-21, 2017
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