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Volunteer at Los Ranchos Elementary
September 22, 2019
DSC has developed a partnership with Los Ranchos Elementary in an effort to serve the needs of this school, the children, and the teachers. We need volunteers that can help once or twice a month at the school, or even once a semester. If you can't make it to the school during classroom hours, you can still serve by providing food for a staff appreciation day or help with other initiatives. If you are interested in serving and want to know more, please come to our informational meeting at 12:30 PM in the West Wing on Sunday, September 22.
Wood Cutting Fellowship
September 28, 2019
A group is getting together to load, haul, and drop off wood for the Reservation on September 28. We need hands for loading and trucks for hauling so please come and join our fellowship. If you are interested in joining us, contact Lee Scott at lees@leelandscapes.com.
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September 22-28, 2019
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